The Smart Time Sync for Smart Buildings

OneVue Sync Transmitter

Unified timekeeping for a building or multi-structure campus, with simplified administration.

Run Your Business With Confidence

The OneVue Platform

The only monitoring and time synchronization platform designed from the ground up to provide the information you need, when you need it, on whatever device you choose.

All-New from Primex

Smart-Sync Clocks with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth® wireless technology is a self-organizing, self-forming and self-healing time synchronization clock system.

Primex Synchronized Clocks

Synchronizing Over 16,000 Customers in 27 Countries

From top hospitals to schools and workplaces, Primex synchronized communications keep clocks on time, people safe, and systems in check.

9.2 out of Ten Customers Would Recommend Primex

With reliability that is second to none, Primex helps facility planning & management teams maintain highly effective environments for education, medicine and business.

* Based on Net Promoter customer satisfaction ratings for purchase and installation

  • Always On-Time and Up-To-Date

    Trust the accuracy of every clock on campus and automate time changes with our GPS and Cloud-based time synchronization platforms.

  • Monitored Safety and Comfort

    Stay compliant while protecting patients and sensitive inventory with our easy-to-use temperature monitoring systems.

  • Facility Maintenance, Optimized

    Configure and manage your entire facility from your smartphone or desktop with our web-based application, OneVue.

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