COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring
COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring
OneVue System

A Connected System of Knowing

The Primex OneVue system helps institutions connect to their operating environment with Notify, Sync, Sense, and Monitor lines - a shared view of your devices with one integrated software platform

OneVue Monitor

Automate Alerts, Reports, Scheduling

Cloud-based software makes administration and loss-prevention easier, while placing minimal demands on IT

OneVue Sense

Protect Assets with Environmental Monitoring

System of sensors and monitors give you the power of knowing

OneVue Sync

Put Your Entire Organization in Sync

From buildings to entire campuses, OneVue Sync unifies timekeeping, fostering efficiency and promptness with innovative wired and wireless solutions.

OneVue Notify

Critical Alerts, Messaging and Time

Managed from any device with a web browser, Notify InfoBoard™ alerts people to critical situations in seconds rather than minutes

Legacy Clock and Transmitter Products

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Protecting people and sensitive materials

Healthcare Automate compliance, environmental safety  

Education Notify staff & students, sync clocks  

Pharmacy Safeguard valuable pharmaceuticals  

Business Stay on schedule, protect sensitive inventory  

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Case Study: Getting a Big System in Sync

Beloit Memorial Hospital needed to get clinical staff on the same page. Our Sync system saved them money and time.
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