Adena Local Schools

The Adena Local School District’s historical issues with its synchronized clock system had negative effects on the quality of its students’ education. When the district installed a clock system designed by Primex its problems were solved.

The Problem

The schools in the Adena Local School District in Frankfort, Ohio had been reeling from the effects of their expensive, inconsistent synchronized clock system for years. The buildings that made up the school facilities were outdated and the obsolete clock system made the schools themselves disorganized and inefficient. In addition to being inconsistent, the system was expensive to maintain. When it came time to build a new facility the school knew it needed an inexpensive solution to solve its clock problem.

The Solution

The school administrators and faculty turned to a clock system developed by Primex to solve their synchronization problems. The GPS wireless clock system they selected is synchronized with the precise time from U.S. government global positioning satellites (GPS) and ensures all classes start each period on time. The variety of styles available made the clocks versatile and appropriate for all academic settings, regardless of the age group or purpose of the room.

“Choices were made to invest in technology to facilitate the learning process.”

Jake Grooms
Superintendent, Adena School District​