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Leverage the power of Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wireless technology for clock synchronization

Competitively priced, Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth® wireless technology are available solely through Primex, the sync time leader, and our certified partner network. Our cutting-edge synchronized time solution consists of a clock network that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology as the wireless communication method for the network. The Smart-Sync™ Bridge is a component of the network, securely bridging the Bluetooth clock information with Primex’s OneVue™ cloud application.

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  • How does the Primex Smart-Sync clock system work?

    To start, a single bridge device is plugged directly into a network port. The bridge then communicates via two-way Bluetooth® wireless technology to the closest Smart-Sync clock on the network. Each clock that's added acts as a signal extender for the bridge, forming an ad hoc, clock-to-clock network based on strongest signal available. If one clock fails, other clocks find their way to the next strongest signal. It's a self-forming and self-healing system.

    One bridge device works with one clock up to several hundred (200-250) clocks – analog, digital, or a combination of the two.

  • What is Bluetooth Low Energy Technology?

    Also known as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart, the latest generation of Bluetooth technology focuses on sending smaller bits of data when needed, but then puts the connection to sleep during periods of non-use. This low power draw allows Primex Smart-Sync clocks to go up to five years in between battery changes. In addition, the RF power output of Bluetooth low energy technology devices is low relative to other widely adopted technologies such as Wi-Fi. 

  • Why is Smart-Sync with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology better than Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is a static system of communication that routes directly from your IT network, meaning the network must support each Wi-Fi clock as an individual connection. Smart-Sync with Bluetooth requires only a single point of network connectivity via the Bridge. Simply put, if your facility has 100 clocks in it, the older Wi-Fi system would require that 100 devices have access to your wireless network while the new Smart-Sync system requires only one connection via the bridge. 

    Additional bridge devices can be installed in different facilities, allowing for centralized clock management across all your locations.

  • Will the Smart-Sync clock network interfere with our other wireless networks?

    No! Our network is proprietary, specific to our clocks, with no pairing. While Smart-Sync does use the 2.4 GHz frequency band, there are no conflicts with Wi-Fi or other devices because of the channels we use combined with Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology. Our clocks wake once per day for up to 12 minutes and once every 5 minutes for 1.5 seconds to add new clocks. When awake, the RF output is extremely low at only +4 dBm (2.5 mW). The remainder of the time the system is off with no RF energy being transmitted.

Primex Smart-Sync™ Clocks

Sync Hundreds of Clocks from One Point of Network Access

One-Point Network Access

WiFi-based clock synchronization systems often require an individual network connection for each clock in your facility. With the Smart-Sync Bridge, only one connection is needed to establish a synchronized network for up to 250 clocks.

A Self-Forming System

Smart-Sync uses a self-forming, self-healing, mesh-based protocol. Clocks form the network based on the strongest signal to another clock or the Smart-Sync Bridge. If one clock fails, other clocks automatically reconnect to the next strongest signal.

No End-User Configuration

Once your Smart-Sync Bridge is plugged in and activated, clocks can be relocated and added at any time with no additional configuration required. And unlike many consumer Bluetooth-powered devices, no pairing is necessary.

Highly Scalable Architecture

One clock and one bridge is all you need to get started. Each bridge is capable of synchronizing hundreds of clocks within a single network, and additional bridges may be added to create an extended network across multiple locations.

Up to 5-Year Battery Life

With the previous generation of Bluetooth, it was best to shut down your hardware when it was not in use. The new generation only wakes to exchange critical information and sleeps during periods of non-use, dramatically extending battery life.

Powered by Primex OneVue

Log into OneVue from any desktop or mobile device to quickly and easily set up your network identity, designate users, and view the status of your clocks. See which items need attention and view to-do lists individualized for each user.

Primex Smart-Sync is Built on Highly Dependable, Cutting-Edge Technology

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