XR Series

Synchronize your facility with GPS-acquired time and a powerful 72MHz signal

The Primex XR Series system is flexible enough to function perfectly in any facility. GPS-acquired time is sent to clocks, bells and timers using a patented 72MHz transmission signal strong enough to penetrate building materials throughout the oldest, furthest-flung sections of your campus. Step-by-step installation from a dedicated support specialist ensures your XR system will be running to your exact demands on day one.

Introducing the new OneVue Sync Transmitter — compatible with the XR Series

Smart building automation through time sync.

Primex XR Series Time Synchronization

The Perfect Choice for Facility-Wide Time Synchronization

Free Site Analysis

From the start, our experts will map your facility and find the ideal device placements based on your requirements, then provide an equipment materials list that guarantees coverage throughout your facility.

Installation Services

Whether you are installing a high-powered transmitter at a large campus or a low-wattage transmitter in a small building, our highly trained technicians are available to assist you every step of the way.

Site Verification and Support

When you invest in a XR system, you are investing in the most knowledgeable team in the industry. Our system-level verification services and staff training will ensure your system runs perfectly from the start.

Intuitive, Scalable System

A GPS receiver pulls in time signals and sends the data to a main transmitter. Additional GPS receivers, repeater transmitters, and clocks can be easily added to accommodate massive buildings and expanding campuses.

Powerful Transmission Signal

The 72MHz frequency delivers the perfect combination of distance and signal strength, easily transmitting through common building materials and across longer distances with less interference.

Comprehensive Bell Scheduling

With Event Scheduler Pro software, you can program multiple schedules to run on predetermined days. Your XR transmitter communicates with a tone generator or existing PA system to synchronize bells. 

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