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Thousands of facilities across the U.S. trust Primex clocks and choose Primex to be their digital clock provider. With various digital wall clock options, Primex synchronized clocks are ideal for schools, for hospitals, for pharmacies, for offices, for warehouses, or for any facility were synchronized clock systems are needed. If your facility requires wired PoE clocks (also known as an IP clock or NTP clock), Primex has the wired technology to fit a PoE network clock (in the form of an NTP digital clock) or however many PoE wall clocks you need into your facility’s infrastructure. If your facility is looking for wireless clock systems, Primex can provide guaranteed coverage with Bluetooth® wall clocks and 72 MHz wireless clocks. Whether you’re interested in synchronized clocks for schools, synchronized clocks for hospitals, or synchronized clocks for other facilities, Primex has both wired and wireless digital clocks to fit your needs.

In addition to Primex digital clocks, Primex analog clocks are also available and are perfect wired or wireless clocks for schools, hospitals, or offices — wherever synchronized wall clocks are needed.

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