Primex Improves OneVue Sense™ Line With New Capabilities

LAKE GENEVA, WI – July 16, 2019 – Primex announces the release of additional environmental monitoring solutions to enhance its OneVue Monitoring Platform. An easy-to-use tool for healthcare providers and facility directors, OneVue’s integrated platform monitors, synchronizes, documents and alerts users to real-time conditions and changes in the environments and assets they manage. Designed to be an expandable solution, this latest release of OneVue Sense includes new functionality that monitors for contact closure and water leaks, in addition to leveraging a completely cloud-based software management system.

“We understand the increasing challenges and demands being placed on healthcare providers to do more with less in a rapidly changing marketplace,” said Katie McMillan, Ph.D., healthcare product manager for Primex. “Through their daily experiences with using and customizing the OneVue system, our customers have helped us identify the opportunity for important product additions and enhancements.”

The OneVue system is used broadly by lab directors, clinical researchers, pharmacists and other providers across a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to the new functionalities, OneVue monitors temperature, indoor air quality and differential pressure, allowing clinicians to ensure drug safety, tissue integrity and regulatory compliance. The cloud-based software is fully customizable, enabling users to schedule reports, alerts and messaging to suit their specific needs, and synchronize many different types of devices across a facility.

“We’re really excited about this newest release and its potential to have a positive impact on our customers and the people they care for,” said McMillan. “The healthcare professionals we work with are so compassionate and dedicated to making the patient experience the best it can possibly be, and we hope OneVue frees them up to focus on that important mission.”

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About Primex

Primex is the leading provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce risk for enterprise organizations in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and government vertical markets. Primex delivers platforms that utilize a facility’s existing network infrastructure to automate, monitor, document and report essential activities performed by the facility management staff including time synchronization, and environmental, temperature and event monitoring. For more information, please visit the Primex website at

Primex, Inc. launches Smart-Sync™ Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Synchronized Clock System

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (February 20, 2017) – Primex, Inc. announced today the worldwide release of Smart-Sync™ Bluetooth® Wireless Technology—synchronized time solution, its newest and most innovative product to date. The most advanced synchronized time system that Primex, Inc. has ever introduced, Smart-Sync is the only Bluetooth® Smart or Bluetooth low energy, mesh-enabled time synchronization technology on the market. “Smart Sync’s mesh network is secure, dynamic, and self-healing, with the easiest deployment process of any Primex product,” said Brian Balboni, Chief Technology Officer at Primex, Inc.

Smart-Sync is self-healing in that, if one clock fails, other clocks will “find their way home” to the strongest signal. The clocks intelligently reroute their communication path to another clock within the network.

Smart-Sync is a cost-effective, solution riding on the Bluetooth wireless technology standard that will dramatically improve every aspect of the user experience.  “We are beyond excited to introduce this product and feel like pioneers—Sync Time Pioneers that is!” states Paula Wray, Product Marketing Manager at Primex. “It’s not every day that we simultaneously lead the way the industry synchronizes time, and give our customers the best possible experience in the process. Definitely a win-win!”   

Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth wireless technology are available solely through Primex, the sync time leader, and their certified partner network.

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About Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Bluetooth technology is the global wireless standard for simple, secure connectivity. Propelled by a global community of nearly 30,000 companies, Bluetooth serves to unify, harmonize, and drive innovation in the vast range of connected devices all around us. Through collective creation and shared technical standards, Bluetooth simplifies, secures and enriches the technology experience of users worldwide. Find out more at The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Primex, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Primex launches new Smart-Comm™ Message Board Clock

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (January 19, 2017) – Primex is pleased to announce the launch of its latest solution to help keep facilities on time and well informed, with the introduction of the Smart-Comm™ Message Board Clock.

Smart-Comm Message Board Clocks are for anyone who require smart and synchronized time and communications! They are the perfect supplemental communication choice for loud and crowded hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, office spaces and individual rooms. “We’re thrilled to add an LED message board clock to our OneVue™ solution portfolio, as it continues to be the most robust platform for facility managers and administrators to manage synchronized time…and now broadcast messages,” states Mike O’Brien, General Manager at Primex. OneVue is Primex, Inc.’s mobile-first platform that allows users to view and configure their system using any Web browser on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The Smart-Comm message board not only communicates a synchronized date and time like many other Primex products, but also a 64 character, scrolling message across all message board devices that are running on the OneVue platform. Leveraging the latest in LED technology, Smart-Comm message boards offer two lines of text that have variable color options of red, green and white to provide emphasis to any message

“Having the ability to create messages through our cloud-based, OneVue system means you can access and change your message at any time, from any device, from anywhere,” adds O’Brien.Because, Smart-Comm products operate on the OneVue platform, no additional servers or other utilities are required to function. Simply plug the message board into your network with an Ethernet cable, give your board(s) a name in OneVue and you are ready to broadcast.

This scrolling message system with clock (standard), is a perfect supplemental communication choice for loud and crowded hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, office spaces and individual rooms. Ideal for any school, college or university, as well as other large government and commercial institutions. Competitively priced, Smart-Comm Message Board Clocks are available through Primex, Inc. the sync-time leader, and our certified partner network.

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Primex refreshes its name, logo and website

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (December 21, 2016) – Primex is thrilled to announce that it has changed its name from Primex Wireless to Primex. The simple change better reflects the nomenclature that is prevalent in the market, while at the same time, further supporting the brand equity the company has built over the past 15 years.

“We are excited to embrace Primex as our sole name in the market, as it is something we have been exploring for some time now,” states Jim McCann, VP of Marketing at Primex. Dropping the “wireless” moniker also helps to eliminate a common misconception that Primex is somehow involved in the cellular service market, which is the assumption 8 out of 10 customers made when initially seeing the name. “In addition to clearing up that misconception, the fact is that when the company started in 2002, having a wireless solution was a significant differentiator for us. Today, having wireless options are really table-stakes for our end consumers,” adds McCann.

Along with the update of the company name, Primex took the opportunity to revise its logo. “Through this brand refresh exercise, we have also tweaked our logo a bit by updating the font slightly and adding a trendier, bold, green accent color,” McCann added. The logo will still be very recognizable to current customers who have grown familiar with it, while at the same time giving the company a fresh look.

These two rather significant changes precipitated the transformation of the company’s website to

Scheduling School Bell Systems made simple by Primex Wireless

Company launches new Bell Controller on OneVue platform

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (June 17, 2016) – Primex Wireless is pleased to announce the launch of its latest solution designed to help simplify tedious and costly tasks faced by school administrators and facility managers, with its new OneVue Bell Controller.

“We’re thrilled to add this new bell controller to our OneVue solution as it continues to be the most robust platform for school administrators and facility managers to manage synchronized time…and now school bells” states Phil Sawa, General Manager/SVP at Primex Wireless.   OneVue is Primex Wireless’ mobile-first platform that allows users to view and configure the bell scheduling system using any Web browser on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. With its responsive design, OneVue automatically resizes and rearranges the screen to optimize the user’s experience for their mobile or desktop device. “Having the ability to create and edit bell schedules through our cloud-based, OneVue system means you can access your bell schedule program at any time, from any device, from anywhere.   At the same time, you are no longer dependent on anyone else to build, change and run your schedules which can be costly”, adds Sawa.  

One of the key features is the ability to create and manage separate schedules for an individual school, multiple education levels in the same building (e.g. elementary and middle school sharing one building) or even your entire district from this single platform. Other features include schedule and calendar reporting, ability to run multiple default schedules simultaneously, seven day stored schedule that runs even if your network connection goes down and different user levels for scheduling administrators.

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Primex Wireless Simplifies Temperature Probe Certification Tracking with Introduction of the PrimexPROBE with CertiTrak™

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (Feb. 2, 2016) – The days of manually tracking temperature probe calibration certifications have come to an end with the launch of the new Primex Wireless PrimexPROBE with CertiTrak™. The new intelligent temperature monitoring probe is the latest addition to the Primex Wireless OneVue™ environmental monitoring platform.

 Guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call for continuous monitoring of vaccine storage unit temperatures using “only calibrated temperature monitoring devices with a Certificate of Traceability and Calibration Testing.” The same guidelines also state, “Calibration testing should be performed every 1 to 2 years from the last testing date or according to the manufacturer’s suggested timeline.”

However, many organizations struggle with tracking the certification paperwork as well as the timelines for re-testing for each one of the temperature monitoring devices throughout their facilities. Inaccurate or incomplete documentation can lead to citations by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).

“CertiTrak calibration tracking truly puts an end to manual probe status tracking,” said Steve Deutscher, Director of Sensor Products for Primex Wireless. “Each probe is linked to a digital copy of the current Report of Calibration within our OneVue software. The last testing date and first use date are also tracked for each individual probe. All the probe information can be easily retrieved to demonstrate compliance to all AHJs.”

The new PrimexPROBEs are designed to work seamlessly with the Primex Wireless PrimexTEMP monitoring sensor. Using patent-pending technology, each probe activates CertiTrak when the probe is initially inserted into a PrimexTEMP sensor and the sensor connects to the Primex Wireless OneVue software. Using the probe’s unique serial number, CertiTrak links a digital copy of the Certificate of Traceability and Calibration Testing to the probe record within the user’s instance of OneVue. The last calibration testing date for the individual probe, the date it was put into service, and the days until the next calibration testing is due are all immediately part of the probe status record in OneVue.

Healthcare organizations will now be able to set specific, verifiable policies regarding probe recertification or replacement and automatically track each probe individually. Users can easily access probe status reports from any desktop or mobile device to be able to plan timely, efficient probe replacement, saving time and money.

“Our goal is to help our customers eliminate the confusion and errors caused by manually tracking probe calibration certification status,” said Deutscher. “In the end, accurate probes are essential for protecting the safety of patients.”

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Primex Wireless is the leading provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce risk for enterprise organizations in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and government vertical markets. Primex Wireless delivers platforms that utilize a facility’s existing network infrastructure to automate, monitor, document and report essential activities performed by the facility management staff including time synchronization, and environmental, temperature and event monitoring. For more information, please visit the Primex Wireless website at

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Primex Wireless Introduces OneVue IAQ Series Differential Pressure Sensors to Help Hospitals Monitor

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. – In the wake of increasing unease regarding infection control due to concerns such as the Middle East Respiratory System (MERS) virus, the Ebola outbreak and contamination from construction or renovation projects, Primex Wireless® today announced the introduction of its new PrimexIAQ Series Differential Pressure Sensors.

The wireless indoor air quality sensors, which are centrally managed via the cloud-based OneVue™ platform, provide continuous tracking and automated documentation of the air pressure in operating rooms, protective environment rooms, isolation rooms, construction/renovation zones and other critical environments. The result is improved patient, staff and visitor safety while making it easier to ensure compliance with The Joint Commission, state and other regulatory agency requirements.

Key to the new PrimexIAQ sensors is their ability to detect ultra-low changes in air pressure that would not be noticed by other sensors, helping hospitals deliver an added level of protection from airborne contaminants. The sensors only require a miniscule amount of air flow through the unit to detect pressure changes. If air pressure does go out of range, the system not only provides a visual and audible alarm at the sensor; it also issues email, text and/or phone alerts to the appropriate staff members to allow measures to be taken to address the concern before patients, staff or visitors are put at risk.

“Patient safety is of paramount importance to hospitals, as it is an important measure of clinical quality and contributor to patient satisfaction,” said Brian Balboni, president of Primex Wireless. “It is also critical to their financial health as hospitals are normally not reimbursed for treating conditions acquired within their walls. The PrimexIAQ Differential Pressure sensors, together with the OneVue platform, will help hospitals do a better job of ensuring they maintain the proper air pressure to contain airborne contaminants such as germs, viruses and construction dust. They will be able to minimize conditions that could make patients sicker while in the facility, which can extend the hospital stay, while also protecting their staff and visitors from exposure to these issues.”

Using the intuitive OneVue dashboard, PrimexIAQ sensors can be easily monitored and managed centrally from any computer or mobile device. All monitoring data is sent wirelessly via the facility’s existing network to the OneVue cloud-based software, making it easier to analyze the data to ensure superior performance and generate compliance and other reports. Additionally, since the monitoring data is tied to the room or area rather than the sensor, hospitals can maintain a complete, accurate history of compliance for a given room or area without having to perform the data manipulation normally required if a sensor is changed.

PrimexIAQ Series Differential Press Sensors offer several additional innovative features and capabilities, including:

  • A lightweight, easy-to-install, portable design that makes it easy to set up and monitor for negative air pressure in construction or renovation areas; its sleek configuration includes a port cover to hide the tubing
  • Alert delay settings that help minimize false positives by allowing time for a situation to self-correct rather than immediately sounding as soon as the air pressure goes out-of-range
  • Door Open/Closed switch functionality to suspend alerts during cleaning, patient transfers or other situations where the door will be open for an extended period of time
  • The ability to connect sensors to the OneVue platform via Ethernet or Power-over-Ethernet as well as through Wi-Fi
  • Ability to run solely on battery power if desired
  • Provides readings in inches of water (in. H20) or Pascal units, depending on user preference

“In an era of bundled payments and pay-for-performance, it is essential that hospitals take every measure they can to minimize risks to their patients, staff, visitors and the organization as a whole,” Balboni said. “PrimexIAQ sensors can help them ensure they are taking the proper measures to maintain a level of air quality that meets regulatory requirements while promoting better health.”

Primex Wireless Simplifies Time Synchronization with Introduction of OneVue Wireless Clocks

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. – Primex Wireless® today announced the ultimate set-and-forget wireless synchronized clock solution with the addition of Synchronized Clocks to the robust OneVue™ platform.

Ensuring clocks are synchronized throughout a facility or campus is a critical contributor to keeping schools, hospitals and other organizations operating smoothly, yet it is not an area where facilities management wants to invest a lot of resources. OneVue Synchronized Clocks are the answer to these conflicting needs.

The new clocks are preconfigured via the OneVue intuitive dashboard to access the facility’s existing network to synchronize and report maintenance issues. Installation simply requires maintenance staff to insert the batteries or connect the power cord, turn the clock on and hang it on the wall. The clock will automatically detect and connect to the facility’s existing Wi-Fi network to synchronize with every other OneVue clock on the network, even through power outages and Daylight Saving Time shifts. Any additional clock management, such as checking battery status, is managed through the cloud-based OneVue platform, eliminating the time and expense necessary to install and maintain clock infrastructure.

“Our customers tell us that a network-based synchronized clock solution has to be easy to install and maintain,” said Brian Balboni, president of Primex Wireless. “They want to simply hang the clocks on the wall and walk away, without adding more systems for the IT team to have to maintain. Our OneVue clock lineup fits that bill exactly.”

The OneVue dashboard is accessible from any computer, laptop or mobile device to check the status of any clock at any time. Users can also track clock performance to know when maintenance is required or batteries are low by generating a daily report that checks the status of every clock. They can then determine whether the issues require immediate attention or can wait to be scheduled.

Use of the OneVue platform also provides better security versus other Wi-Fi clock systems. Sensitive information, including account administration, can be hidden from other users. Once network information is set up in OneVue by a facility’s IT team, all authorized users can apply the profile without actually seeing the SSID and passcode. If, for security reasons, the customer does not want to enter network protocols into their OneVue instance, they can configure it themselves using software tools in OneVue.

Additionally, OneVue is currently the only wireless platform available that allows multiple locations to be managed in a single account, and clocks to be updated remotely regardless of their location. Facilities personnel no longer have to visit and log-in to each location to manage clocks, allowing them to focus on other, higher-value work.

“In short, our OneVue cloud-based platform allows Primex Wireless to offer a cost-effective solution for any size organization, along with superior ease-of-use and efficiency than is available in competing network-based synchronized clock solutions,” said Balboni.

OneVue wireless synchronized clocks and timers are offered in a range of analog and digital styles, with a choice of power options, including battery, AC or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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Primex Wireless Helps Schools Spring Ahead to Daylight Saving Time More Efficiently

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. – Daylight Saving Time (DST), which begins Sunday, March 8 in 2015, may be a boon to those who enjoy outdoor activities, but it can be a nightmare for school maintenance personnel. The Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform ends those headaches (and a host of others) by automatically keeping all clocks on campus synchronized to the proper time through DST shifts and power outages, eliminating the hours of work and expense normally required for maintenance personnel to go from room to room resetting clocks.

“Although it is necessary, resetting clocks manually twice a year just to accommodate Daylight Saving Time is a tremendous drain on resources,” said Larry Poglitsch, Director of Operations for Primex Wireless. “It is also challenging to ensure that every clock is adjusted to the exact same time. With the Primex Wireless platform, every clock on campus is set forward or backward as-needed without any effort on the part of the staff. It also ensures that all clocks are set to the same time, ending confusion in the classroom and the hallways.”

The Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform uses a school’s existing Wi-Fi network or a specialized 72MHz transmission frequency to allow all clocks to be controlled from a single time source. As a result, every clock automatically remains synchronized to within 300 milliseconds. For clocks on the Wi-Fi network, automated email alerts are issued when a clock or timer is out of synch or batteries are running low. On the 72MHz platform, analog clocks “5-step” to indicate low batteries.

“The twice-a-year change to and from Daylight Saving Time is an event many who are in charge of school maintenance, especially those at larger schools or multi-building campuses, dread,” said Poglitsch. “With the Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform it really becomes a non-event. When faculty and students return to class on March 9 this year there won’t be any panicked calls about a clock with the wrong time or other issues not being attended to due to the maintenance staff being busy changing clocks. That should simplify the day for everyone.”

Primex Wireless brings OneVue Intelligent Monitoring Platform to healthcare

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. – Wireless monitoring of environmental parameters such as room temperature/humidity or storage temperatures allows healthcare organizations to eliminate the need for highly-trained personnel to record manual readings, allowing them to focus on caring for patients.

Today Primex Wireless, a provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies and reduce risk for enterprise organizations, introduces the next generation of wireless monitoring with release of the OneVue Intelligent Monitoring platform.

OneVue is a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that allows users to view monitoring data and configure the system using any Web browser on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. With its responsive design, OneVue automatically resizes and rearranges the screen to optimize the user’s experience for their mobile or desktop device.

OneVue eliminates the need for an organization’s IT team to install or maintain servers or software. Only a minimal IT commitment is required upfront to configure the platform for any healthcare organization’s network, regardless of size.

“OneVue allows organizations to realize the benefits of automated monitoring, whether it’s a small organization needing a more efficient and reliable monitoring solution or a very large healthcare enterprise with complex, multi-site monitoring needs,” said Brian Balboni, President, Primex Wireless. “OneVue helps organizations reduce workloads, ensure compliance, and maximize the efficiency of valued personnel, all while reducing costs. With its secure, cloud-based platform and mobile-first design, OneVue offers a smart, cost-effective and convenient way to achieve real-time monitoring of healthcare facilities and the critical assets within them.”

The OneVue platform is unique to the industry in that the data generated by sensors is tied to the room, physical equipment (such as refrigerators) or inventory (such as pharmaceuticals or nutritionals) being monitored, rather than to the sensor. As a result, OneVue delivers comprehensive, historical data trails for compliance audits, preventative maintenance, benchmarking, cost comparisons and more – all without requiring users to merge records each time a sensor is changed or assets are moved.

In addition, customer accounts in OneVue may be intelligently structured by locations and business units to provide user rights and views that map into an organization’s hierarchy. The platform’s easy-to-use interface also allows healthcare personnel to preconfigure Primex Wireless sensors before they are shipped so they automatically find and connect to the appropriate network when plugged in at the site, delivering true plug-and-play simplicity.

OneVue includes a wide range of unique benefits and capabilities to help healthcare organizations improve operations. Key advantages over other automated wireless monitoring platforms include:

  • The OneVue platform is built from the ground up on industry-leading Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure, delivering consistent system access and performance with banking-level security and encryption, ensuring data is protected at all times.
  • OneVue’s intelligent structure provides user rights and views by locations and business units to minimize distractions for users while also helping to prevent unintended alterations to settings.
  • Alert routing rules can be set up to deliver notifications via email, text or phone according to individual company policies and preferences.
  • Users can filter and rearrange columns of data to create and save custom views that meet their unique business requirements.
  • Ongoing data backups and redundant backup sites ensure organizations always have quick and easy access to their data to demonstrate compliance.

OneVue is currently available for use with PrimexIAQ (Room Temp/Humidity) and PrimexTEMP (Equipment Temperature) sensors. Additional capabilities are expected to be incorporated into the OneVue platform during Spring 2015.

For more information about OneVue, please see:

Primex Wireless Helps Schools Find More Educational Hours in the Day

Lake Geneva, WI – Primex Wireless today announced the introduction of the Primex Bell Scheduler to help schools maximize educational hours and improve educational productivity. In addition, the module allows school districts to manage the multitude of bell schedules for each individual school regardless of location.

When clocks are not synchronized with bells or tones signaling class period changes, confusion occurs and educational hours can be lost. By combining SNS Wi-Fi Time Synchronization and the Primex Bell Scheduler, a school of 1000 students can gain 16,667 hours of education time annually by eliminating just 15 minutes per day of wasted time due to an unsynchronized bell scheduling and clock system. That’s over 2 extra days per student annually.

In addition, today’s schools and districts must handle ever changing daily schedules due to half days, early releases such as inclement weather, or other special schedules. Now a bell schedule can be modified in a matter of seconds. The web based software provides easy schedule management with the convenience of secure remote access from anywhere on the school’s network. The school district can make necessary changes for all schools or an individual school can make changes just for their facility.

Primex Bell Scheduler is part of the Synchronous Network System (SNS), a technology developed for facility management. Through software accessed via a web interface, users can manage synchronized clocks, temperature sensors, and bell scheduling. The system records important device diagnostics and sends proactive maintenance alerts, which helps to ease maintenance costs. All SNS devices leverage an existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet network which increases return on investment for the IT infrastructure.

Primex Bell Scheduler can help manufacturing facilities too. Often break and lunch times are ignored causing a loss in productivity. This easy to use technology can help keep your staff on time and your operations running at optimal efficiency. The new Primex Bell Scheduler module for the Synchronous Network System is available for purchase today and will be shipped in late spring 2010.

For more information about synchronized timekeeping solutions, bell scheduling, or wireless sensing products from Primex Wireless, please call 1-800-537-0464 or visit us at