OneVue Compatible XR Series Compatible Available for OneVue and XR Series

A school mascot. A company logo. A city's colors. Now, you can show your pride with custom logo clocks. Custom logo options are available on all Analog Series Clocks for an additional fee.

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Versatility and a reputation for durability have made our clocks the go-to time sychronization system for schools, hospitals and businesses. With easy-to-read dials, rugged frames and a spectrum of colors and sizes, we can craft a sleek solution to match the look and demands of any facility.

Primex clocks synchronization through either an existing Wi-Fi network or with GPS and Network Time Protocol (NTP). Using the flexible deployment systems and three power options we can customize a system to monitor multiple buildings regardless of age or size.

  • Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time
  • Synchronize through Wi-Fi or proprietary 72MHz frequency
  • Three power options - battery, AC or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Durable frames and lenses

Wireless Time Synchronization Platforms

Wireless Time Synchronization Platforms

Depending on your workflow and facility, Primex synchronized clocks can be deployed with either the OneVue or XR platform.

Powered by OneVue

  • Cloud-based platform features plug-and-play clocks that immediately synchronize through your existing network

  • Synchronization and battery status and reports are visible from any computer or mobile device

  • Clocks can be easily added or moved to accommodate growing campuses

  • The OneVue platform also includes environmental monitoring capabilities to wirelessly track temperature and indoor air quality conditions

Powered by XR

  • GPS-acquired time is transmitted to the clocks using our unique 72MHz frequency  signal that easily penetrates building materials without disruption

  • Sophisticated transmitter technology consumes 5 times less power to send time signals than competing systems

  • Clocks can be easily added or moved to accommodate growing campuses

  • Optional bell scheduling software lets you create and manage multiple schedules across a district from your computer