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Programmable Timers - Levo Series

Primex Programmable timers are great for use in schools to count down the remaining time between class changes, or in manufacturing facilities to display the amount of time left for breaks and lunch periods.

Discontinued; While Supplies Last

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Perfect for Schools, Hospitals and in Manufacturing Facilities

Our Levo Series Programmable Timers give you the ability to set it and forget it. Simply use the Primex Wireless Event Scheduler Pro Software (sold separately) to create a precise schedule of recurring countdown functions. The timer will begin counting down at each preset time on schedule. When each countdown function is complete the timer automatically displays the correct time, synchronized to every other clock on your Primex Wireless 72MHz/GPS system.

  • Highly visible, 6-digit, 7-segment LED display
  • Three LED dimmer options: 75%, 50% and 25%
  • 12- or 24-hour time display with PM indicator light


Programmable Timer

  • Alternating time and date display option
  • Requires Event Scheduler Pro Software to program countdown schedules

Power Supply

  • Two power options are available: 120 VAC/ 50–60 cycle OR 24VAC
  • UL/cUL listed power supply

Audible Tone Option

  • Only on the count-up and count-down timer function
  • Frequency: 3KHz +/-0.5KHz

Part Numbers

Surface-Mount Timers with 2.5" Digits

6-Digit Description
XRA7A202P 120VAC, 4° Slope bracket, 10' (3.0m) cord with plug
XRA2Y202P 24VAC, 4° Slope bracket, 12” (30.48cm) cord with pigtail

Surface-Mount Timers with 4" Digits

6-Digit Description
XRA7A203P 120VAC, 4° Slope bracket, 10' (3.0m) cord with plug
XRA2Y203P 24VAC, 4° Slope bracket, 12” (30.48cm) cord with pigtail

Flush-Mount Timers with 2.5" Digits

6-Digit Description
XRA7Y202PF-1 120VAC, 30” (76cm) cord with pigtail
XRA2Y202PF 24 VAC, 12” (30.48cm) cord with pigtail

Event Scheduler Pro Software

Part Number Description
14356 Event Scheduler Pro Software