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Primex Smartsync Bridge
OneVue Compatible Available for OneVue

Smart-Sync Bridge is a key component of the Bluetooth® wireless technology synchronized clock network to form the inter-clock and clock-to-bridge connections.

The Smart-Sync Bridge device operates with Smart-Sync Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled Analog & Digital clocks and is offered solely through Primex, Inc and our Certified Partner Network.

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Product Features

The Smart-Sync™ solution consists of a clock network that utilizes Bluetooth low energy wireless technology as its communication method. The Smart-Sync Bridge communicates with the OneVue cloud application, acquiring accurate time and clock configuration information and passing the information to the clocks within the network. The Smart-Sync Bridge also relays clock status back to OneVue via an Ethernet connection. Information on individual clocks such as battery status, radio frequency conditions and clock or network errors are also relayed to OneVue by the Smart-Sync Bridge.

  • Smart-Sync clocks ‘wake up’ once daily
  • Clocks synchronize time via Smart-Sync Bridge
  • Smart-Sync Bridge reports clock status to OneVue
  • OneVue accessible via PC or mobile devices

Smart-Sync Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Analog Clocks
Smart-Sync Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Digital Clocks

Part Numbers

Smart-Sync Bridge

Model No. Description
BC100-E Smart-Sync with Ethernet (POE capable)


Model No. Description
S100PWR AC Adapter
Q13827 AC Adapter Extension 6’ (1.8 M)
SNS900 Back-up Battery Pack Replacement

Note: Each of the Smart-Sync Bridge Models come standard with an AC-Adapter and Backup Battery pack. The accessories listed above are for re-order or if an AC power cable extension is required (installation specific).