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The XR Series Bell Scheduling System allows you to wirelessly schedule and synchronize PA or mechanical bell systems throughout your school or across your district or campus without leaving your desk.

Discontinued; While Supplies Last

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Flexible bell scheduling for any age school or campus

With the Event Scheduler Pro software, you can program multiple bell schedules to keep every school in your district running on time. These schedules are sent from your PC to a time transmitter, either wirelessly using Wireless Data Transceivers or directly with an Ethernet connection. The transmitter sends the schedule to Wireless Tone Generators throughout your district to trigger bells at specific times. The system integrates with your existing PA or tone system, uses mechanical bells, or can even be configured as a wireless bell system for outdoor event timing.

  • Schedules can be created and managed from one location to trigger bells in multiple school district buildings.
  • Users can manage up to 25 different zones with up to 96 events per zone.
  • Event Scheduler Pro software is compatible with Windows Operating Systems.


Event Scheduled Pro Software OS compatibility Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Wireless Tone Generator One Tone Generator required per zone
Wireless Data Transceivers Use instead of direct Ethernet connection to send bell schedules to the time transmitter (optional)
Mechanical Bell (optional)

Part Numbers

XRA480 Full System: Includes Event Scheduler Pro Software, 1 Wireless Tone Generator and 2 Wireless Data Transceivers
XRA002 Basic system: Includes Event Scheduler Pro Software and 1 Wireless Tone Generator
XRA367 Wireless Tone Generator
14486 120v Mechanical Bell