School Bell Scheduling System

Coordinate bell schedules throughout school districts and across campuses

Managing multiple school bell schedules for different schools on different days doesn't have to be a cumbersome, complex process. Primex bell scheduling software allows you to program and initiate all your bells from a single computer connected to your system. The intuitive interface makes it easy to manage multiple and ad-hoc school bell schedules, eliminating confusion and tardiness and maximizing educational hours.

  • wifi-gps

    A system for any age school or campus

    Unique 72MHz broadcast system integrates seamlessly with an existing PA system or with mechanical bells.

  • bell-scheduling-calendars

    Create and deploy district-wide bell schedules

    Intuitive software allows you to create schedules for 25 different zones with up to 96 events per zone. Change schedules as often as needed from your computer.

  • clocks-bells-sync

    Pairs easily with wireless clocks

    Add Primex Wireless clocks to your bell scheduling software for a comprehensive school scheduling solution that stays synchronized through power outages and Daylight Saving Time.

"We love the system dearly."

Sunni Sternecker
Director of Virtual Learning, South Kansas Educational Service