Our Technology

Primex leads the way with innovative technology solutions that allow organizations of all sizes to eliminate distracting manual activities and focus on the things that matter.

We have a history of innovation – starting with our proprietary 72MHz wireless synchronized time technology for schools, hospitals, manufacturers, businesses and more. As Wi-Fi networks expanded throughout facilities, so did our technology, first with Wi-Fi clocks and continuing with advanced monitoring technology. Today, we've taken our technology to the cloud to continue to develop innovative solutions that eliminate manual processes, improve productivity, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and allow your team to focus on bigger concerns.

OneVue Cloud Platform

Built on a trusted foundation, stripped of time-consuming workflow and maintenance, and loaded with time-saving features, OneVue is truly the best-in-class facility monitoring and time synchronization system.

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XR Series Time Synchronization

Accurate and reliable, our economical XR Series Time Synchronization solution keeps organizations running on schedule by leveraging a powerful 72MHz signal to transmit time to clocks, timers, and other devices.

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Primex Analog and Digital Synchronized Clocks and Timers


Designed to work seamlessly with the Primex OneVue Cloud, Smart-Sync™ clocks utilize Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology to create a self-forming, self-healing network that uses substantially lower power than the previous generation of Bluetooth®.

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