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Bluetooth Bridge

OneVue Sync Bridge is a key component of the Bluetooth® wireless technology synchronized clock network to form the inter-clock and clock-to-bridge connections.

The OneVue Sync Bridge device operates with OneVue Sync Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled Analog & Digital clocks and is offered solely through Primex, Inc and our Certified Partner Network.

Part Numbers


Part # Part # (Old) Description
141-000001 BC100   Bluetooth Bridge, Wi-Fi Connection, Programming Cable, Batteries, Velcro Mounting, Power Supply
141-000002 BC100-E Bluetooth Bridge, PoE Connection, Programming Cable, Cat5 Cable, Batteries, Velcro Mounting, Power Supply


Part # Part # (Old) Description
400-000078 Q13827 Power Cord Extension (2 meter) extension cable for power supply
400-000082 S100PWR Replacement Sensor Power Supply. 5 VDC (1 A max) power supply
400-000080 SNS900 Sensor Battery Pack. 3.0V Energizer L91-FR6 3.0V BatteryPack (2 AA batteries in single pack)
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