InfoBoard Display

Whether for critical alerts, general messaging, and synchronized time, the OneVue Notify InfoBoard™ displays bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy and noisy environments. 

Can display critical notifications in seconds:


In addition, visual notification provides a means of communicating to the hearing impaired.

InfoBoard displays are a bright, networked, low-power display which can show messages, time/date, and critical notifications.

Product Details

Safety and Simplicity

The InfoBoard™ displays visual, critical alerts in seconds during emergency situations, as well as provide general messaging and time sync solutions.

  • Three sizes: Large, Medium, and Mini
  • Seven display colors w/ adjustable brightness and scrolling speed
    • Red, green, blue, yellow, white, magenta, cyan
  • Customizable general messaging, date and time formatting
Part Numbers

InfoBoard Displays

Part # Part # (Old) Description
201-CS235 NT2008A100 Notify Mini InfoBoard
201-CS215 NT2008A200 Notify Medium InfoBoard- Surface Mount
201-CS265 NT2008A300 Notify Large InfoBoard - Surface Mount


Part # Part # (Old) Description
298-000001 NT2XBRK Notify Dual Mount Kit - Medium InfoBoard (Ceiling or Wall) Clearance Distance 4" (10.2cm)
298-000002 NT3XBRK Notify Dual Mount Kit - Large InfoBoard (Ceiling Only) Clearance Distance 4" (10.2cm)
298-000003 NTPANEL-1000 Critical Notification Panel - 1000' wiring
298-000004  NTPANEL-250 Critical Notification Panel - 250' wiring
298-000005 NTPANEL-500 Critical Notification Panel - 500' wiring
200-000005 NT1XSTND Notify Mini InfoBoard Desktop Stand
198-000010 ETCBKIT Notify Elapsed Timer and Code Blue Conversion Kit
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