PoE Network / IP Clocks

One of three different technologies that Primex offers to ensure your facility’s clocks remain synchronized, OneVue Sync™ Power over Ethernet Network (PoE) /IP is a more traditional, wired solution for facilitywide synchronized clocks.


How Is Synchronized Time Acquired?

Utilizing existing ethernet cable runs, OneVue Sync PoE network /IP connects to your facility’s network and acquires time data through a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

How Is Synchronized Time Distributed?

Primex Power over Ethernet network clocks receive time data from the NTP server while simultaneously sending data to and downloading settings and updates from the cloud-based OneVue software platform.

What Is the Benefit of Power over Ethernet / IP for Synchronized Timekeeping?

There is no need for an additional power source or batteries, as the cable that carries the time data to clocks also carries power. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your synchronized clocks are running on a secured, wired connection.

To work with your OneVue Sync PoE/IP synchronized time platform, our various styles and sizes of both digital and analog options ensure you’ll find the perfect clock for your facility.

OneVue Sync Technologies

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