Engineered Solution: How Primex Uses Site Evaluations to Ensure Synchronized Timekeeping

Engineered Solution: How Primex Uses Site Evaluations to Ensure Synchronized Timekeeping

Synchronized time systems are essential to almost all successful organizations' functions, from patient care in hospitals to efficient schedules in schools and businesses. On-time medication administration, surgical start times, class changes, and even citywide transit systems are all reliant on a smooth and reliable time system to regulate operation.

The above are all reasons that clock failure in a facility could be extremely frustrating, if not actively dangerous. Throughout places like hospitals and educational facilities, individuals are dependent on scheduled events running as planned, meaning that stopped or slow clocks can throw an entire schedule off kilter. With the Primex OneVue Sync™ synchronized time solution, users can remain worry-free, as their clocks are part of an engineered solution.

What's Included in the Primex Engineered Solution

For new or existing customers, Primex provides a complimentary site evaluation, which proceeds as follows:

  • First, an interested facility sends their floor plan or blueprints to Primex.
  • From there, a Primex applications engineer expertly reviews the plans, taking into account the building layout and shape, construction materials, and number of floors.
  • The Primex engineer uses their analysis to determine which type of and how many Primex OneVue Sync 72 MHz Transmitters or Primex OneVue Sync Bluetooth® Bridges are needed, as well as the best rooms for placement, to ensure adequate coverage for the entire facility or desired area.
  • If the user chooses 72 MHz technology, the Primex engineer will then also determine the necessary wattage of the main transmitter, whether it be a 1-, 5-, or 30-watt transmitter (or a 1-watt repeater).

Primex Guarantees Signal Coverage

Primex engineers are incredibly thoughtful with these site evaluations, aiming to advise you of the products you need to get the right amount of signal coverage throughout your facility. If our calculations are wrong, we will provide you with a repeater or additional transmitter at no charge, as outlined in our Guarantee of Coverage letter.

We not only guarantee coverage for your facility (as long as your site follows Primex recommendations), but by personally tailoring the Primex solution to your needs, we also transfer the burden of technology placement from your staff’s shoulders to ours. No need to worry about trial and error: we’ve got you — and your building — covered.

Primex does not just provide a “clock in a box.” We are ensuring and guaranteeing success for your facility. Instead of setting parameters on our clocks and leaving the rest up to you, we take your building and grounds into precise consideration so that you can be assured you are getting what you need. This leaves your staff and leaders free to focus on the projects at hand rather than resetting clocks and troubleshooting schedule issues. Easing your staff burden through this complimentary evaluation, coverage guarantee, and free repeater if necessary is what sets us apart.

Synchronized Time Technology Options Available After Site Evaluation

Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that your entire facility or desired area will have coverage, take peace of mind knowing that you’d have unique, strong time synchronization options, including:

  • 72 MHz
    • This is a lower-than-usual frequency than competitor timekeeping solutions, but since it is longer and slower — it can penetrate concrete and steel — it is stronger, and therefore provides a better signal and coverage.
    • This technology can communicate with devices all throughout a facility or campus by using a high-penetration frequency and allows users to electronically sync or change clocks using the OneVue® web-based software.
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy
    • A cloud-based solution for synchronized time (an option for facilities that don’t want to risk ANY sort of electronic frequency interference).
    • Using a Bluetooth® network, each Bluetooth® clock in a facility or campus communicates with a OneVue Sync Bridge, which in turn communicates with the web-based OneVue software. Time data is sent to each clock, which effectively guarantees perfectly synchronized clocks.

If neither of these solutions are the best fit for your facility, the OneVue Sync portfolio also includes a Power over Ethernet (PoE) option that uses preexisting ethernet cable systems to deliver communications to the system of clocks and effectively provide synchronized time.

Primex aims to provide the best customer experience in every situation, including fitting our products specifically to your facility so you can be sure that they will be right for your needs. Complimentary site evaluations can guarantee that a synchronized time solution will work at your facility. We engineer this solution so that you don’t have to, and so that you know exactly what you’ll need to get the results you want. If you experience a lack of coverage, we will assist by providing you the necessary equipment for free that broadens coverage to where you need it.

For more information on how to receive a complimentary site evaluation, call 855-557-0337 or visit today.

September 22, 2021
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