Bluetooth® Low Energy

OneVue Sync™ Bluetooth® is a cloud-based time synchronization platform and one of three different technologies that Primex offers to ensure your facility’s clocks remain synchronized.

Bluetooth® Low Energy

How Is Synchronized Time Acquired?

The OneVue Sync Bridge communicates with the cloud-based OneVue® software, where it acquires time data through a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

How Is Synchronized Time Distributed?

By leveraging Amazon Web Services and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, a Bluetooth® Low Energy network is created, which establishes a solid connection between each Bluetooth® clock within a facility and the OneVue Sync Bridge. Time data is then sent to each clock throughout the facility thanks to the previously created Bluetooth® Low Energy network, ensuring perfectly synchronized clocks.

What Are the Benefits of Bluetooth® Low Energy for Synchronized Timekeeping?

The Bluetooth® Low Energy solution by Primex allows you to add as many Bluetooth® clocks as you’d like to your facility, with each one seamlessly joining an existing network of clocks and OneVue Sync Bridges.

Does Bluetooth® Low Energy Work Throughout an Entire Campus?

If needing to operate synchronized clocks throughout an extra-large facility or multibuilding campus, Primex will help to ensure appropriate deployment of clocks and OneVue Sync Bridges to support the proper mesh of technology.

To work with your OneVue Sync Bluetooth technology, our various styles and sizes of both digital and analog clock options ensure you’ll find the perfect clock for your facility.

OneVue Sync Technologies

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