Utilizing Synchronized Clocks to Help Hospital Workflow Efficiency

Utilizing Synchronized Clocks to Help Hospital Workflow Efficiency
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“Like clockwork” is a response one hopes to receive when one wants something to have gone according to plan. Hospitals and health systems are likely at the top of the list where someone wishes to hear this phrase, given the considerable number of daily tasks and workflows. There are many tools and process improvement initiatives out there, like electronic health records and Lean Six Sigma, to help ensure work goes “like clockwork,” but have you ever thought about how clocks themselves could help?

If you haven’t, well, it’s time to start! Specifically, consider Primex OneVue Sync™ clocks, which provide guaranteed, facilitywide synchronized time to every room, hallway, department, and building within your hospital or health system’s campus. Primex clocks, with many analog and digital varieties available, can help increase efficiency in multiple healthcare areas where every minute matters, such as:

  • Surgical Operations

    Time is an essential factor for nearly all perioperative tasks. For example, for procedures requiring anesthesia, staff must follow strict parameters to provide the correct amount for the correct time for the assigned procedure. In the operating room, surgeons and assistant staff must be aware of the time for patient safety, while staying mindful of duration, progress, and resource utilization. Additionally, accurate timekeeping is necessary for maintaining proper healthcare documentation.

    Clear, easy-to-read Primex digital clocks in the operating room can provide staff with the current time. For elapsed time knowledge, Primex Elapsed Timers count up or down, which is helpful during surgeries and emergencies outside of the OR. Both clock types can deliver peace of mind, thanks to the Primex OneVue® software platform, which tracks time and provides on-demand reports if necessary for postoperation analysis, compliance, or legal reasons.

  • Patient Admissions and Discharges

    Timely care is at the center of many patient admissions. The smoother the admission process, the sooner that patient can undergo evaluation and receive treatment. Conversely, when a patient is ready to go home, proper discharge processes must be taken to help ensure patient safety and free up a bed for an incoming patient in a timely matter.

    Synchronized clocks help to eliminate time discrepancies hospitalwide. With different departments all operating on the same time, patient flow — and care — benefits.

  • Medication Administration

    Speaking of patient care, synchronized time from Primex can also help boost patient care effectiveness. When all staff members are following the same time, patients can receive medications, check-ins, and rehabilitation or special recovery sessions more routinely. When Primex Power over Ethernet clocks are chosen at a hospital, even clocks on the computer can be synchronized to the clocks on the walls and in patient rooms — further helping to provide timely and routine care. When staff are on time and follow schedules properly surrounding patient care delivery, patient satisfaction can also improve, helping to boost your facility’s bottom line.

  • Diagnostic/Laboratory Testing

    Laboratory turnaround time (TAT) is an important metric that impacts clinical decision-making and patient satisfaction. Whether sampling a patient’s blood, urine, or saliva, an acceptable TAT is usually under 60 minutes, according to a 2007 Clinical Biochemist Review Journal Article. With Primex clocks installed, the time is the same in both the area where the sample was taken and where the sample is analyzed. This helps staff from both areas better track the time between, which can help the accuracy of results and overall patient outcomes.  

Supplemental Primex Tools for Efficiency

Just like Primex clocks can help with on-time efficiency, Primex automated monitoring solution, Primex OneVue Sense®, can help smooth environmental tracking documentation. With five different sensors, all with the ability to report to the web-based OneVue software platform, OneVue Sense can automatically monitor storage conditions for valuable temperature-sensitive assets or the differential pressure between two hypersensitive areas. In times of heavy personnel shortages, Primex solutions can help offset these challenges and give staff more time for patient care.

Together or separately, these Primex solutions can help your patients receive appropriate care without unnecessary delays. Contact us today to get started.  

October 9, 2023
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