OneVue Sync: Guaranteed Synchronized Time Throughout College Campuses

OneVue Sync: Guaranteed Synchronized Time Throughout College Campuses
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The National Center for Education Statistics lists 3,931 degree-granting postsecondary campuses in the U.S. as of 2020-2021. Whether at a small private school, like the enrollment-of-14 Deep Springs College in eastern California, or a large university, like the sprawling multibuilding campus at the University of Texas at Austin, keeping individuals on time can be a difficult task.

However, with a Primex OneVue Sync™ Synchronized Time solution, lectures, discussion classes, labs, and other courses can be better kept on time. With various analog and digital Primex clocks throughout a college campus, students, teaching staff, and visitors can all function on the same synchronous time.

Why Synchronized Time Is Important at College Campuses

Unlike primary schools, which are usually one building, colleges and universities often have separate facilities for different study focuses, eateries and cafeterias, and even rooming quarters. These buildings have numerous individuals coming and going every day, from students and teaching staff to cleaners and food service employees. When these individuals are going about their studies, lesson plans, or work shifts on the same time, overall efficiency is stronger.

Say a student has class at 10:00 a.m., and they know their walk from their dorm to their class hall is 8 minutes long. If they leave their dorm and see 9:52 a.m. on the clock installed right next to the outgoing door, they will have those eight actual, exact minutes to get to class, where the same synchronous time is also showing on a clock. Whether or not students are told about the synchronized time, they’ll eventually learn that the clocks are always ticking the same exact time. There’s no thought of “maybe the clock is off, and I’ll make it in time,” which can limit delayed class starts and maximize learning time.

Provided that all clocks are displaying the same time throughout a college campus, school staff can better manage the daily opening and closing of lecture halls, recreational areas, dining spaces, school stores, and every other building on campus. Synchronized clocks eliminate any gray area that may exist with unsynchronized or “time-drifting” clocks.

Synchronous clocks in campus libraries can help students keep track of how long they’ve been studying, which can help to improve exam scores and — at the same time — avoid burnout. In campus markets, offices, cafes, and restaurants, having employees operating on the same time strengthens teamwork and unity, which can positively impact both employee and customer satisfaction.

Overall, synchronized time throughout a college campus — whether one, two, or multiple buildings — can streamline schoolwide productiveness and optimize everyday movements.

Wireless or Wired Primex Options for Any Size College or University

Primex offers three distinct technologies for synchronized time. Two wireless options, 72 MHz and Bluetooth® Low Energy, and a hardwired solution, known as Power over Ethernet/IP.

  • OneVue Sync 72 MHz — This wireless option utilizes a OneVue Sync Transmitter cthat acquires time from a GPS satellite or a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. It then sends a patented 72 MHz signal to all clocks throughout a building or campus. This lower-frequency wavelength is able to better penetrate concrete or other thick building materials to guarantee synchronized time where you need it. This engineered solution is ideal for larger campuses, as Primex offers powerful 5- or 30-watt transmitters with an external antenna that can send time signal throughout entire multibuilding campuses.
  • OneVue Sync Bluetooth® Low Energy — Alternatively, this wireless synchronized time solution uses a OneVue Sync Bridge to acquire time through an NTP server. Then, through leveraging Amazon Web Services and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, a mesh network is created within a building that links each clock with the OneVue Sync Bridge. The OneVue Sync Bridge then distributes synchronized time throughout this mesh network that reaches each clock. For multibuilding campuses, each building will require a OneVue Sync Bridge, and repeaters are available for large buildings to strengthen the Bluetooth® mesh network within.
  • OneVue Sync PoE/IP — This wired synchronized time solution utilizes existing ethernet cables within a building to acquire time through an NTP server. Clocks receive both synchronized time and power from the NTP server through a secure, wired connection. For larger campuses, each building would require cable runs and an NTP server.

Synchronized Time with One Cloud-Based Manage Point

Each of the Primex OneVue Sync technologies work seamlessly with the easy-to-use Primex OneVue® cloud-based software platform. Within this software, accessible on any device with a web browser, users can manage each clock within their building or campus. This access eliminates the need to manually check or set clocks, freeing up your facilities staff for other more critical tasks.

Additionally, within the OneVue software platform, users can compose customized messages for their Primex OneVue Notify® InfoBoard™ displays if installed. Use InfoBoard displays throughout your campus to boost visual communication and inform about events, inspire before exams, or congratulate upon graduation season. These visual message boards can also add an extra layer to emergency mass communication plans by providing early warning to students and staff in case of an unlikely event.

Choose to Implement Primex Synchronized Time Today

If you want to optimize your college or university’s timekeeping, consider Primex OneVue Sync. As an engineered solution, your clocks are guaranteed to display synchronized time. If your school requires additional time signal strength after your initial installation, Primex will provide a signal repeater at no cost. Help your students, staff, visitors, and employees stay on time with Primex OneVue Sync at your college campus.

To get a conversation started about how you can add Primex synchronized time at your school, contact us today.

October 7, 2022
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