Bishop Verot High School

The battery-operated clock system made punctuality at Bishop Verot High School impossible. But when the school installed a Primex system, tardiness became a problem of the past.

The Problem

Bishop Verot High School is a robust, 11-building facility, bursting at the seams with on-campus activities. Before Primex, time management and tardiness were hindering academic and social life on campus. According to Todd Cordisco, the school’s Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement, a major part of the problem was the school’s battery-operated clock system. “We were using basic, battery-operated clocks like you’d buy at a discount store,” Cordisco said. “Nearly every clock on campus showed a different time.” For students with activities and classes in multiple buildings, the discrepancy in time made time management nearly impossible.

The Solution

The school found its solution in a Primex Wireless Clock System. With a single GPS transmitter, the entire campus, from the gymnasium to the classrooms, became synchronized to a single time. In addition, Primex’s virtually maintenance-free system fit in perfectly within the school budget and has the potential to save the school money in the future.


  • The job of resetting clocks for Daylight Saving Time has become obsolete.
  • All clocks on campus are synchronized to the same time, which has cut down on tardiness.
  • The low cost of the Primex system has reduced maintenance costs.
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