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CureMed Pharmacy

Learn how this Clifton, New Jersey, Pharmacy utilizes Primex OneVue Differential Pressure Sensors to comply with USP compounding guidelines and protect staff, patients, and medications alike.

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Walworth County Joint School District

Any school that aims to provide its students with the best education possible knows the importance of accurate timekeeping. Leaders at Walworth Jt. School District #1 in Walworth, Wisconsin, know just how much synchronized time can help achieve their mission, which is just that: provide the best education for all students.

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Pewaukee School District

For facility operations and administrative decision-makers at Pewaukee School District located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, ensuring the safety of the district’s 3,000 students on their 540,000-square-foot campus is a top priority.

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Meeting Compliance Regulations

One acute care hospital in New York state experienced challenges meeting regulatory requirements, they needed an easy solution.

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Hayat Pharmacy

Automated, Around-the-Clock Temperature Monitoring Gives Pharmacy Owner and Staff Peace of Mind

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Differential Pressure Sensors

Utilizing Easy-to-Install Differential Pressure Sensors During the Onset of COVID-19

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HVAC System Safety and Water Leak Sensors

Increasing Safety of Large-Scale HVAC Systems With Water Leak Sensors

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Kossuth Regional Health Center

Automation and Alerts Help with VFC Compliance

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Synchronizing all of the clocks, regardless of the time zone

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Beloit Memorial Hospital

Making out-of-sync clocks in the ER a thing of the past

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Cadbury Adams

Synchronized clocks and an accurate alarm system for the entire factory

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Elmhurst Hospital Center

More accurate documented treatment times across hospital operations

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Northwestern Mutual

Overhaul time synchronization in a matter of days

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Lakeridge Medical Center Logo

Lakeridge Medical Center

Customized GPS system that allows other hospital equipment to run safely

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University of Northern Iowa Logo

University of Northern Iowa

University renovations are no longer impeded by the clock system

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Bishop Verot High School Logo

Bishop Verot High School

A virtually maintenance-free system that fit perfectly within the school budget

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Oak Park and River Forest High School Logo

Oak Park and River Forest High School

Reducing operating costs by synchronizing lights and bells

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South Kansas Educational Service Logo

South Kansas Educational Service

Each and every class running on time and without delay

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Irvine Valley College Logo

Irvine Valley College

Eliminating maintenance to better serve the students and staff

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Adena Local Schools Logo

Adena Local Schools

An inexpensive solution to solve the district's clock problems

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