OneVue® for Business

OneVue® for Business

Stay on schedule, cut maintenance costs, and protect climate-sensitive inventory

Primex solutions allow for easy facilitywide time management and safe monitoring of ambient air temperatures and sensor readings in storage units and data centers. The cloud-based OneVue software can be mastered with minimal training, but in the event that help is requested, our dedicated project managers will be available to support a seamless transition into the OneVue system. The combination of a personalized installation and our easy-to-use interface has helped thousands of businesses worldwide trim labor costs, protect valuable materials, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Case Studies

“We used to get seven calls a week from managers angry about clocks being off somewhere in the building. Now there are none. And if someone is late for a meeting, they can’t blame the clocks.”

Greg Junek, Manager of Facility Technical Services – Northwestern Mutual

“The system is so flexible. We originally purchased it to install in our new addition only, but it worked so well that we decided to retro-fit it into the whole plant. You can easily add new clocks to the system at any time.”

Facility Engineer – Gambro, Inc.


Keeping conditions right for business and production


We help governments and businesses do more with less by synchronizing clocks across numerous buildings. Clocks automatically adjust for daylight saving time and reset after power outages, keeping meetings on time and saving hours of maintenance.


Primex synchronized clocks, timers, and bell systems help manufacturing facilities run smoothly. Monitor temperature, humidity, and room pressure to protect climate-sensitive inventory and ensure an optimal production environment.

Food Service/Distribution

The wrong refrigerator or freezer temperature can send a chill through your food service business. Monitor and record temperatures across your entire operation, and receive instant email and text alerts if and when temperatures fall out of range.

Data Centers

Server rooms and data centers house expensive computer equipment with invaluable information, all designed to operate within specific temperatures. Set custom temperature thresholds and be alerted instantly if out of range.

Labs and Clean Rooms

Monitor positive air pressure and humidity levels needed to keep research labs, electronics, and pharmaceutical production environments in perfect condition. Protect sensitive refrigerated assets with Primex temperature sensors.

Warehousing and Storage

Protect stored assets and inventory while decreasing liability with Primex temperature and humidity monitoring systems. Remotely monitor conditions across all your facilities at once from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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