OneVue® Solutions for Healthcare

OneVue® Solutions for Pharmacy

Primex OneVue technology optimizes pharmacies by eliminating manual logging while protecting assets, ensuring proper environmental conditions, and improving timeliness and communication.

The OneVue Sense™ continuous temperature monitoring system can help protect critical medications and vaccines and ensure proper conditions for compounding medications. If a sensor detects an out-of-range measurement, you’re able to receive a notification via text message, phone call, or email, allowing you to take corrective action.

OneVue Sync™ can provide synchronized time throughout any size pharmacy, assisting with accurate documentation and timekeeping.

OneVue Notify® InfoBoard™ displays can strengthen pharmacy communication. These message boards can display emergency notifications or customized messages, such as wayfinding directions, schedule changes, or prescription information.

Automated Monitoring, Visual Messaging, and Synchronized Timekeeping


OneVue Sense™

The Primex OneVue Sense suite of environmental monitoring devices protects valuables while providing peace of mind. OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors are ideal for refrigerator temperature monitoring or freezer temperature monitoring, as they continuously record and digitally log internal temperatures to help keep medications and vaccines safe and effective. Temperature data is available on the cloud-based, anywhere-accessible OneVue® software platform, making for easy overnight monitoring. This automated monitoring solution eliminates tedious manual logging and data extraction, going above and beyond digital data loggers. Plus, with real-time alerts for out-of-range conditions, ensuring the efficacy and safety of medications, vaccines, and other assets has never been easier.

Additionally, OneVue Sense Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensors and OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensors can continuously monitor indoor air conditions and flow to ensure medications remain safe and sterile if being compounded.

OneVue Sense™


OneVue Sync™

Able to optimize pharmacies big or small, with one building or many, the OneVue Sync timekeeping solution provides synchronized time to help keep pharmacy staff operating on the same time. Synchronized time can help with on-time prescription filling and accurate documentation processes. With multiple analog and digital clock options to choose from, as well as specialty digital timer and countdown clocks, Primex OneVue Sync Clocks can help any pharmacy stay on time and in style.

Primex uses in-house engineers to guarantee time signal coverage across any pharmacy, regardless of size or location.


OneVue Sync™


OneVue Notify®

OneVue Notify is a mass notification system that uses InfoBoard visual message displays to exhibit alerts or other information. When connected to the web-based OneVue software platform, users can customize messages to provide staff with schedule changes, cleanliness reminders, or regulatory updates. Public-facing InfoBoard displays can provide patients or customers with wayfinding directions, prescription status, or pharmacy news.

In the case of an emergency, OneVue Notify can also be used to immediately display five preset messages, which can help pharmacy staff and customers get to safety sooner.

OneVue Notify®

All Primex OneVue devices work seamlessly with the OneVue web-based software platform, accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This accessibility provides insight into storage unit conditions — even across multiple pharmacy locations — while at home or during off-hours. At the push of a button, OneVue users can generate customized reports to prove compliance or investigate a temperature excursion. Users can also utilize the OneVue platform to manage OneVue Sync Clocks and OneVue Notify InfoBoard messages.

Walworth Joint School District

OneVue Sense is the perfect solution for pharmacy staff looking to protect their medications and vaccines while having around-the-clock, accessible data. Take it from one Milwaukee-based pharmacy chain that gained peace of mind by replacing their old digital data logging process with automated OneVue Sense temperature monitoring technology. Staff now benefit from easily accessible temperature data and on-demand report generation on the web-based OneVue software. Additionally, they take advantage of real-time alerts via text, email, or phone call for any storage unit temperature excursion, which alerts them of an issue before it’s too late.

“We once walked into one of our pharmacies Monday morning and found that one refrigerator did not function the whole day on Sunday. We had tens of thousands of dollars of insulin, vaccines, and other medications in that refrigerator. If we would’ve had the OneVue system at that point, it would have saved us a lot of headaches, phone calls, and money.”

— Hashim Zaibak, PharmD, Owner of Hayat Pharmacy

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Primex OneVue environmental monitoring sensors

With local alarms and real-time mobile alerts, OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors protect the usability and efficacy of vaccines in case of a costly refrigeration failure. At Kossuth Regional Medical Center in Iowa, OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors once helped to prevent an $11,000 loss when a refrigerator full of valuable vaccines failed.

For more information on how Primex OneVue can optimize a stand-alone, multifacility, or compounding pharmacy, contact us today at 262-729-4858.

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