OneVue® Solutions for Healthcare

OneVue® Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Optimizing Hospitals and Health Systems with Automated Monitoring, Visual Messaging, and Synchronized Timekeeping

Primex OneVue can strengthen a healthcare facility of any size. Whether used in hospitals big or small, free-standing or part of a larger health system, the Primex OneVue suite of products help to improve efficiency of staff workload and provide peace of mind, alleviate burden, and assist in timely delivery of care.

OneVue Sense™ provides automated monitoring in critical environments throughout a hospital or entire health system. Protect valuable vaccines or medications, ensure proper air pressure in isolation rooms, and prevent costly leaks with OneVue Sense automated monitoring sensors.

OneVue Notify® presents visual messages to give patients and visitors wayfinding directions, waiting times, or other news and can advise healthcare staff of emergencies or employee-only information.

OneVue Sync™ offers synchronized timekeeping throughout entire hospitals or health systems to keep patients and caregivers running on the same time. The solution also provides code blue and countdown timers to help ensure accurate documentation of coded events, swift lab results, and prompt caregiving for patient safety.

Our new Primex OneVue product guide outlines how automated monitoring, time synchronization, and mass notification technology can optimize your healthcare facility.

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Automated Monitoring, Visual Messaging, and Synchronized Timekeeping


OneVue Sense™

Primex OneVue Sense environmental monitoring devices are designed to provide peace of mind, protect valuable items and infrastructure, and alleviate staff burden. This automated monitoring solution eliminates tedious manual logging and reporting, making proof of compliance quick and easy during auditing situations. With real-time alerts via text message, phone call, or email for out-of-range or unfavorable conditions, facilities can use:

  • Temperature Monitoring Sensors to continuously monitor and digitally log the temperature inside of refrigerators and freezers to help protect valuable vaccines, irreplaceable lab samples, important medications, or costly food.
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensors to monitor critical areas like intensive care units, operating rooms, server centers, and patient quarters to stay within regulated indoor air parameters.
  • Differential Air Pressure Sensors to monitor air pressure between spaces like negative pressure rooms and isolation areas to limit the spread of infection.
  • Water Leak Detectors to monitor leak-prone areas like equipment rooms and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems to prevent leaks from turning into costly floods.
  • Contact Closure Sensors to monitor the closed or open status of an essential refrigerator, freezer, window, or wander-prone patient’s door.

The OneVue Sense portfolio also includes OneVue Sense ChillCheck™, which monitors the flow and temperature of an MRI chiller to ensure these vital scanners remain operational. All sensors report into the OneVue web-based software platform, where users can easily access data and generate custom reports on any internet-capable device.

OneVue Sense™


OneVue Sync™

The OneVue Sync timekeeping solution provides synchronized time to help keep everybody and everything within a facility on time. With a myriad of analog and digital clock options for high-traffic areas, as well as specialty digital timer and countdown clocks for use in emergency and operating rooms, systemwide synchronized time can help with:

  • Accurately documenting coded events
  • Delivering lab samples within a certain timeframe for accuracy
  • Maintaining a high on-time surgical start rate
  • Starting appointments on time regularly
  • Ensuring the right patient gets the right medication at the right time
  • Keeping patients informed of the time with versatile and contemporary-styled Personal Series clocks
  • Supporting general timeliness, which can help patient satisfaction rates remain high

Primex uses in-house engineers to guarantee time signal coverage across any facility — no matter the size of the clinic, hospital, or health system. Let the OneVue Sync engineered solution keep your staff and facility running on the same time.

OneVue Sync™


OneVue Notify®

OneVue Notify is a mass notification system that can display textual messages throughout a specific wing or ward, an entire building, or a multifacility health system.

When installed in patient-facing areas, OneVue Notify InfoBoard™ displays can offer visual messages to:

  • Direct patients or visitors to where they need to be for care
  • Inform patients or visitors of wait times
  • Communicate messages in loud environments where audio messages could go unheard

Conversely, when installed in staff-only areas, these InfoBoard displays can:

  • Discretely inform staff of a coded event, lockdown, or other emergency, adding a layer of communication to existing emergency plans
  • Provide interdepartmental communication regarding time-sensitive situations, such as ER ambulance arrivals or OR schedule changes due to incoming emergencies
  • Remind staff of hand hygiene reminders to promote staff safety and help limit the spread of infectious diseases
  • Exhibit morale-boosting messages, such as congratulations for special achievements or uplifting quotes to keep staff ready and focused to provide exceptional care

OneVue Notify can be used to immediately display five preset emergency-related messages or users can create custom messages within the OneVue web-based platform. InfoBoard displays can also be helpful when needing to generate incident reports for auditing agencies.

OneVue Notify®

All Primex OneVue devices work seamlessly with the OneVue web-based software platform. Once sensors and clocks are installed, users can log onto their account using any device with a web browser to review monitoring data, check sensor alarm status, generate custom reports, send and create messages for InfoBoard displays, and manage clock systems. Plus, the platform has single sign-on capability available within our OneVue Sense Service and Support Plans, which eliminates the need to remember another username and password and reinforces cybersecurity.

“OneVue Sense is the perfect solution for ensuring accurate temperature monitoring to prevent documentation citations. Take it from one New York state hospital that installed Primex temperature monitoring sensors in one laboratory refrigerator to provide real-time alerts for out-of-range conditions and automate temperature logging. Soon after, staff installed Primex sensors throughout the whole hospital, which standardized environmental monitoring reporting hospitalwide.”

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“When it comes to dispensing medications or tracking time of birth or death, every minute matters. When clocks aren’t synchronized, staff are put into difficult situations, not knowing which clock to trust. Primex resolved this scenario for Beloit Memorial Hospital in Beloit, Wisconsin, with a GPS time system that guaranteed hospitalwide synchronized time. The system doesn’t require a hardwired installation, operates during power outages, and updates for daylight saving time automatically – making for simple installation and management.”

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Primex OneVue environmental monitoring sensors

Investing in Primex OneVue environmental monitoring solutions to protect patients, assets, and in-facility environments can be a valuable decision. Given that operating rooms generate 70% of a hospital’s revenue, installing OneVue Sense Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors to support your operating room remaining open and usable could save money.

With local alarms and real-time alerts via text message, phone call, or email, OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors protect the usability and efficacy of vaccines in case of a costly refrigeration failure. At Kossuth Regional Medical Center in Iowa, OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors once helped to prevent an $11,000 loss when a refrigerator full of valuable vaccines failed.

Additionally, when analyzing the fact that nearly 100,000 deaths occur from hospital-acquired infections in the U.S. each year, using OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensors to help control airborne viruses and limit the spread of infection could save lives.

In order to provide care, there must be an environment to do so. OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors can prevent leaks from turning into costly floods, displacing patients and rendering patient rooms unusable. When a single hospital bed generates between $255 and $365 in revenue before medical treatment, floods that could close entire patient floors — for however long costly construction repairs take — can eliminate millions of dollars in revenue.

For more information on how Primex OneVue can optimize your clinic, hospital, or entire health system, contact us today at 262-729-4858.

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