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OneVue Sense Service and Support Plans

Optimize Staff Experience and Facility Operations With Primex OneVue Sense

Healthcare facilities have long trusted the Primex OneVue Sense™ environmental monitoring platform to protect valuables and provide staff peace of mind. Our new Primex OneVue Sense plans offer flexibility to meet your needs to help optimize your workforce while keeping your facility compliant and safe.

Both plans can help better prepare your facility for an audit, keep your valuable assets safe, and make your job is easier. Learn more about each option below.

Primex OneVue Sense Preferred Plan

With the Primex OneVue Sense Preferred plan, our team becomes your team. We will analyze trends in your usage data and provide insights into what may reduce alarm fatigue, prevent valuable asset loss, and improve your staff experience using OneVue. We will proactively inform you of any upcoming regulatory changes to ensure your workflows are up to date and your sensor system remains in compliance.

Also, our team will train new administrators and employees on how to best use the OneVue platform. These Primex-led services help improve building performance and enhance user experience so you can focus on other critical issues at hand — like patient care.

When you choose the Primex OneVue Sense Preferred plan, Primex will do the work for you.

OneVue Sense Preferred Plan Sales Sheet

Primex OneVue Sense Advanced Plan

With the Primex OneVue Sense Advanced plan, you will have the tools to continuously monitor your environment and be notified when there are changes to your monitored assets. In addition, you will be able to easily access data and reports for audits to ensure your facility remains in compliance.

During onboarding, our team will provide remote assistance to ensure your OneVue Sense technology is reporting to the OneVue platform properly and your customizable settings and alerts are set correctly.

OneVue Sense Advanced Plan Sales Sheet

Software, Ongoing Services, Hardware Plans

Feature Preferred Plan Advanced Plan
Alerts via text, phone, or email Yes Yes
Reports (asset summary, probe replacement, audit) Yes Yes
Hardware Assurance (accidental damage, probe replacement upon request) Yes Yes
Proactive support (training, analytics, optimizations) via biannual success audits Yes No
Single sign-on (active directory) for user management Yes No
Exclusive upgrades Yes No

Primex Proven Process (One-Time Services)

Feature Preferred Plan Overview Advanced Plan Overview
Configuration (data collection and entry for OneVue settings) All plans receive the same configuration service. Pricing is dependent on the number of monitoring points
Installation Primex-owned, on-site installation Self-installation with remote Primex support
Training On-site training Remote training

OneVue Service and Support Plans

For more information about how the Primex OneVue Sense Preferred and the Primex OneVue Sense Advanced plans can optimize your facility and to learn which plan best suits your needs, contact us at 262-729-4858.

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