Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Automated monitoring helps regulate ambient air temperature and humidity to keep people, valuables, and environments comfortable and safe.

No matter the location, keeping proper ambient air temperature and humidity levels can play an important part in protecting individuals, assets, and building materials alike. OneVue Sense Indoor Air Quality Monitors help maintain these levels by providing continuous air temperature and humidity measurements on each sensor display and to the web-based OneVue® software platform. If temperature and humidity levels rise above or fall below a customized threshold, a local alarm sounds, and users can receive a real-time alert via phone call, text message, or email to take corrective action, such as opening a window, turning on or off the A/C, or using a humidifier.

Many different environments can benefit by staying informed about temperature and humidity information, including:

  • Schools — Respiratory illnesses spread easier in cool, dry environments. OneVue Sense IAQ monitors help staff determine if a humidifier is necessary to help limit the spread of infection and keep students in class.
  • Hospitals — Controlled temperature and humidity levels with assistance from OneVue Sense IAQ monitors can help limit the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria within hospitals and critical care areas. IAQ monitors can also help create comfortable conditions in patient waiting areas.
  • Businesses and Warehouses — OneVue Sense IAQ monitors can help workplaces properly maintain temperature and humidity levels to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for safe working environments. They can also help control conditions in sensitive areas like server rooms or data centers.

Remote Monitoring

Access to temperature and humidity data is available on the web-based OneVue software platform, helpful when checking conditions for multiple buildings, currently vacant spaces, or during off-hours.

Peace of Mind

The OneVue Sense IAQ monitor can act as a backup safety measure to help keep HVAC units and other building operations systems working properly, providing notice to take corrective action for an out-of-range condition.

Conserve Energy

When installed in windowed spaces, the OneVue Sense IAQ monitor can help individuals determine if they can turn off their heating or cooling system and open a window to save money on electricity bills and conserve energy.

OneVue Sense Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Automated ambient air temperature and humidity monitoring to help create a safe and comfortable environment for patients, healthcare staff, students, employees, and others.

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Blog Post: Help Maintain Safe Working Environments

Using Primex automated monitoring solutions in the workplace can help companies maintain safe working environments and meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. OneVue Sense IAQ monitors can assist in preventing heat-related illnesses, a too-common workplace issue that OSHA is actively trying to eliminate. In healthcare, for example, the impermeable PPE worn by staff increases weight and limits mobility, leading to a higher risk of heat stress and thermal strain. A cooler environment, aided by the knowledge an IAQ monitor provides, can be vital to stopping heat-related illnesses.

Learn more about heat-related work impacts and how Primex can assist in limiting these issues at the link below.

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