For a 24-hour news program like CNN, presentation is of the highest importance, which is why they installed Primex's ClassicSync clock system to replace the old quartz clocks that were once the station’s primary backdrop.

The Problem

Behind the anchor’s desk in the CNN studio there are the 24 clocks representing all of the world’s time zones. Political statements notwithstanding, it just wouldn’t look right if the time in Kiev always lagged behind the time in Paris. That’s what the General Maintenance Manager of CNN World Headquarters, Dale Dylong thought each time he looked at the station’s main backdrop. For years, the stations used standard quartz clocks to display the world’s time zones, but for Mr. Dylong, there was always a concern about the “drift” factor. Eventually the possibility of one clock slipping slowly out of sync with another became too high for the station to ignore.

The Solution

Mr. Dylong chose Primex as the remedy for his “drift” anxiety. With Primex's ClassicSync clock system in place, Dylong could take comfort in that fact that the time was always accurate from one clock to another, one room to another, even one building to another. In addition, maintenance costs are virtually non-existent and the switch to Daylight Saving Time is automatic.


  • The job of resetting clocks for Daylight Saving Time has become obsolete
  • All of the clocks, regardless of the time zone, are synchronized
  • Thanks to the low cost of the Primex ClassicSync clock system, the facility itself is less expensive to maintain
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