Primex OneVue Sense™ vs. Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tags

Primex OneVue Sense™ vs. Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tags

Eliminate manual logging and gain true access to 24/7 automated temperature monitoring with Primex OneVue Sense Temperature Monitoring sensors.

On-Sensor Display

Uniquely different than the Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag, the Primex OneVue Sense temperature sensor has an on-sensor display so users can easily check temperatures with just a glance.

Real-Time Notifications

Similar to a Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag, if a Primex OneVue Sense temperature sensor measures an out-of-range condition, notifications can be sent via call, text, or email — giving users time to act and protect their assets.

Straightforward Alert Setup

Within the secure cloud-based OneVue® software platform, users can set temperature thresholds for each monitored asset and who receives specific alerts — an easier process than with a Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag.

NIST-Traceable Probe

Unlike the Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag, the OneVue Sense temperature sensor comes standard with a NIST-traceable, CertiTrak temperature probe for simple regulation compliance.

Minimally Intrusive Design

Primex sensors are externally mounted and rely on a small, out-of-the-way temperature probe to record data. The externally mounted sensor can also emit an audible, local alarm, adding an extra layer of asset protection.

Multiple Power Options

Sensors can be plugged into a wall outlet, receive power from batteries, or can be powered by an ethernet/IP cable. Battery-powered sensors have a substantially long life, and wired sensors avoid bogging down your facility’s Wi-Fi network — something that the Wi-FI-only Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag can’t boast.

  Stanley AeroScout T5 Tag Primex OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor
Continuous Monitoring
Auto and On-Demand Reports
Real-Time Phone and Email Alerts
Local Alerts and On-Sensor Display  
NIST-Traceable, CertiTrak Temperature Probe  
Probe Replacement Program  
Temperature Range of -328 °F to 302 °F (-200 °C to 150 °C)  
Secure Cloud-Based Software Platform  
The Primex Proven Process  

Simplify your automated temperature monitoring process and discover full-facility optimization with Primex OneVue Sense Environmental Monitoring.

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The OneVue software platform lets users pull automated or on-demand reports and provides comprehensive environmental insight from all facilitywide Primex sensors, which could include:

  • Temperature Sensors — Continuously monitor your refrigerator and freezer temperatures and receive real-time alerts for out-of-range conditions
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensors — Monitor sensitive areas like operating rooms, data centers, and workplaces
  • Differential Air Pressure Sensors — Monitor the air pressure differential between surgical suites, isolation areas, or construction zones
  • Water Leak Detectors — Detect water or liquid leaks in low-traffic areas to prevent larger-scale damage
  • Contact Closure Sensors — Remotely know when an essential drawer, cabinet, safe, or door is opened or left opened accidentally

The OneVue software platform automatically stores monitored asset data safely and securely in a virtual private cloud protected by Amazon Web Services. The web-based platform eliminates the need to download a mobile app, differing from the Stanley AeroScout Temperature Tag solution. Plus, the OneVue software platform has single-sign-on integration capability for added cybersecurity and convenience.

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