72MHz Analog Clock - Gallery Series

Analog | 72MHz | Gallery Series

Primex 72MHz Analog Clocks utilize our proprietary 72MHz signal that transmits easily through common building materials and across longer distances with less potential for signal interference to synchronize every clock in your facility.

The generous size of the Gallery Series Clocks makes them perfect for large, open areas of any facility.

Product Details

Large, Classic Look

Time acquired via GPS or Network Time Protocol (NTP) to perfectly synchronize every clock throughout your facility to improve workflow, accountability and productivity.

Their blend of beautiful styling and cutting-edge wireless technology will create a focal point wherever you place them.

Choose Roman or Arabic numerals, complemented by an antique finished dial and a brown bezel.

  • Distressed aluminum frame and acrylic lens
  • Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
  • Synchronize via 72MHz technology and GPS or NTP acquired time
  • Power Source - Battery or AC
Diameter 24"
Frame Distressed Aluminum Frame with Acrylic Lens
Part Numbers

Single Clocks

Battery Part # Battery Part # (Old) 120V AC Part # 120V AC Part # (Old) Diameter Description
102-DC135G10 14346 102-AS235G10 14346E 24" (60.96cm) Distressed Brown Gallery, Arabic Dial 
102-DC135G11 14346-R 102-AS235G11 14346E-R 24" (60.96cm) Distressed Brown Gallery, Roman Dial
102-DC135G05 14346-9 N/A N/A 24" (60.96cm) Distressed Brown Gallery, General 12/24 Dial
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