Beloit Memorial Hospital

Beloit Memorial Hospital’s outdated clock system was causing major problems for its doctors and nurses. After investing in a Primex's ClassicSync clock system, out-of-sync clocks in the emergency room became a thing of the past.

The Problem

The emergency room at Beloit Memorial Hospital had eight clocks showing eight different times. Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff had no idea which time should be trusted. In the emergency room, everything from the dispensing of medicine to time of birth and death is tracked by the minute. Accuracy here isn’t a convenience, it’s essential.

The Solution

Beloit Memorial Hospital’s Master Electrician, Ray Bressler decided that the best option for the hospital was Primex’s ClassicSync clock system. “Our hospital campus is large, but the Primex clocks were still a breeze to install, especially since hardwiring wasn’t required,” said Bressler, “Additionally, budget is always a concern and the system was less expensive than most of the others out there.”


  • Doctors and Nurses no longer have to worry about inaccurate and out-of-sync clocks.
  • The Primex ClassicSync clock system has reduced maintenance costs.
  • The transmitter never has to be reset—even after power outage. When the batteries are replaced, the clocks remember the time.
  • Clocks automatically reset themselves for Daylight Saving Time.
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