South Kansas Educational Service

When the South Kansas Educational Service started losing credibility because of their out-of -sync clocks they turned to Primex’s wireless clock system to save their reputation.

The Problem

The South Kansas Educational Service Center serves a consortium of 33 Kansas school districts, providing teachers with training in the latest trends in education, helping them maintain their certification and offering other learning opportunities. In this environment, punctuality is essential, and when one class runs off schedule it causes a domino effect that can derail the entire program for the day. Unfortunately, the clocks in the facilities were notoriously bad, and classes often started early and ended late, which reflected poorly on the company.

The Solution

Primex developed a beta site for the facility with GPS wireless clocks in the center’s training rooms, offices and common areas. In addition to their accuracy, the clocks were also chosen because of their low maintenance and low cost. As Sunni Sternecker, Director of Virtual Learning said, “There are only three pieces to install and they work without fail… It’s much less expensive since you don’t have to run all that hardware.”


  • Classes at the South Kansas Educational Service Center now run on time and without delay.
  • The system has been so successful that many schools in the area are considering similar Primex GPS clock systems.
  • Thanks to the low cost of the Primex system, the facility itself is less expensive to maintain.
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