Water Leak Monitoring

Prevent Costly Flooding with Early Warning Alerts from OneVue Sense™ Water Leak Sensors

Water leaks can be a source of trouble for any facility, from hospitals and pharmacies to schools and businesses. If gone undetected, a water leak can become a costly flood that impacts a building’s infrastructure, inhabitants, and services.

Fortunately, OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors can give you early warning of leaks to prevent floods and the damage they create. If water or liquid is detected, sensors emit audible alarms and provide real-time alerts via text message, phone call, or email, giving users time to investigate and stop the leak before it’s too late.

The benefits of this flood prevention solution go beyond simply saving money on building repair costs. Perfect for leak-prone areas like HVAC rooms, basements, food storage areas, and unattended buildings, using OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors can also help the following facilities in subsequent ways.

  • Hospitals, Health Systems, or Pharmacies — In case of a flood at a hospital or pharmacy, patients may need relocating, appointments and surgeries may get postponed, and vital medications may be destroyed. These instances can certainly decrease patient satisfaction and therefore hurt reimbursement.
  • Schools and College Campuses — Floods can wreak havoc on school schedules and send students home for disruptive at-home learning. Damage from floods can also render buildings unusable, displacing teachers and students alike.
  • Warehouses or Businesses — Floods and their damage can bring production lines to a halt, hurting quota and making for bad publicity. In businesslike spaces, water damage can ruin servers, limit employees’ abilities to work, and prevent customers from shopping, if applicable.

A dual-sensor Water Leak + Contact Closure Sensor is available to monitor for water and also the access of mechanical rooms, closed buildings, or data centers.

Remote Monitoring

Get alerted of a water leak even if you’re at home, on vacation, or in a different part of your facility.

Minimize Costly Damage

Gain peace of mind knowing pipes, utility rooms, or other leak-prone areas are monitored with real-time alerting technology that helps prevent major damage.

Cover Large Areas

Each probe has a 13-foot cord, and up to four probes can be daisy-chained to a single sensor, helpful when covering uneven surfaces or complicated spaces.

OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensor

A flat-surface probe continuously monitors for the presence of water and sends real-time alerts if any type of liquid is detected.

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OneVue Sense Water Leak and Contact Closure Sensor

Using paired magnetic strips, this Water Leak Sensor also monitors and records the opening and closing of doors, cabinets, windows, and refrigeration units.

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Case Study

After one Midwest health system experienced a catastrophic flooding event, they realized how extensive water damage could be. Building administrators decided they needed to take steps to prevent future events, so they turned to Primex. By installing and utilizing the OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors, they effectively detected two more incidents before they could become disastrous — no repairs necessary.

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