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Room Pressure Monitoring

Control airborne contaminants and maintain safe environments with the OneVue Differential Pressure monitoring system.

Differential Pressure Monitoring within our OneVue Sense solution employs highly sensitive, low-pressure sensors with the ability to detect ultra-low changes in air pressure that could affect safety. The sensors require only a minuscule amount of air flow through the unit to detect pressure changes, making them ideal for monitoring AIIRs, operating rooms, construction zones, and other critical environments.

Maintain strict air pressure differentials in critical environments

  • Pressure differential readings to ± .001 inches H2O
  • Record and document pressure data at defined intervals
  • Customizable timespan settings to minimize unwanted alerts
  • NIST traceable sensing element meets compliance standards

Primex Room Pressure Monitoring

System Features

  • LCD screen with intuitive graphic display shows pressure differential to ± .001 inches H2O, providing immediate visual verification of correct pressure
  • Customizable user span settings help minimize “nuisance” alarms by initiating alerts only when pressure thresholds have been breached for a pre-determined length of time
  • Captures and documents pressure readings at user-defined intervals
  • Features both an 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi radio and Ethernet port for easy network communication
  • Comprehensive documentation is easily accessible through the web-enabled OneVue Monitor platform interface to prove compliance to all authorities having jurisdiction

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Download the OneVue AHJ Compliance Guide

Differential Pressure Monitoring within the OneVue Sense solution exceeds the guidelines of Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

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