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OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensor

Our highly accurate OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensor requires a minuscule amount of air flow through the unit to detect pressure changes, making them ideal for monitoring AIIRs, operating rooms, construction zones, and other critical environments.

Providing an effective, yet adaptable containment solution for COVID-19, OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensors are portable and easy to install. Download our Installation and Use FAQs PDF to learn more.

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A New Level of Assurance

Maintaining strict air pressure differentials in specific healthcare environments is essential to the safety of your patients. While positive pressure is required in operating rooms, compounding and sterile processing areas, and protective environment rooms to keep contaminants out; negative pressure is needed in isolation rooms and construction/renovation zones to prevent contaminants from spreading throughout the facility. With OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensors, you’ll be able to continuously track and document the pressure in these rooms. More importantly, you'll be notified immediately if the pressure changes to ensure the safety of patients and keep your facility in compliance.

  • Provides readings in inches of water (inches H2O) or Pascals (Pa)
  • LCD screen with intuitive graphic display shows pressure differential to ± .001 inches H2O (± 2.0 Pa)
  • Customizable pressure threshold settings help minimize “nuisance” alarms
  • Configurable sensor automatically captures and documents pressure readings, eliminating manual reading errors
  • NIST Traceable sensing element meets compliance standards


Dimensions 4.7”H x 3.7”W x 1.3”D (11.93cm x 9.39cm x 3.30cm) Port Cover adds 1.6" (4cm) to height of unit
Reading Accuracy ± 3% of Reading
Inches of Water Accuracy LCD Resolution: +/- 0.001 inches H2O (± 2.0 Pa) Max Reading: ± 0.500 inches H2O (±125 Pa)
User-Defined Transmission Rate 4 minutes to 12 hour intervals
Data Packet Size Less than 5k
Security Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2
Authentication LEAP, EAP-FAST, PEAP, EAP-TLS
Power AC Adapter: 300mA@5VDC with 3 ft. (.91m) standard power cable, 6 ft (1.82m) extension availableBattery: SNS900 Battery Pack or 2 AA Energizer® Lithium BatteriesPower over Ethernet (PoE): Compliant with IEEE 802.3 af standard

Part Numbers

Sensor Components

Part Number Description
A120Q Wi-Fi Model; Includes 2 AA Battery Pack
A120Q-E Power over Ethernet Model
SNS900 Replacement Battery Pack
SNSMSW1 Magnetic Door Switch with 25' (7.6m) cable
SNSDPLT* Installation Kit: Includes 2 stainless steel wall plates, tapered nozzle and screen pickup accessory for through-wall installations, 2 sealing rubber grommets

*Snubber assembly includes: Stainless Steel Wall plate, Tapered nozzle and Screen Pickup Accessory for through-wall installations, Static Pressure Tip for placement in duct or through-the-wall installations