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OneVue Sense Thermobuffers

Available in a choice of two styles, OneVue Sense Thermobuffers simulate the actual temperature of refrigerated assets to minimize false sensor readings caused by opening the refrigerator door.

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Simulate True Temperatures More Accurately

Whether protecting vaccines, food, medications or other temperature-sensitive materials, a OneVue Sense Thermobuffer will help provide a more consistent measurement of conditions to protect your investments. Available in two styles to meet your storage needs.

Part Numbers

OneVue Sense Thermobuffers

SMRTGRP-C Solid Wax Based Therobuffer (assembled with T100SMRT probe)
SMRTGRP-G Glycol Thermobuffer (assembled with T100SMRT probe)
SNSGRP-G Glycol Thermobuffer (assembled withT100SRTD NIST-certified probe)
SNSGRP-C Solid Wax-based Thermobuffer (assembled with T100SRTD NIST-Certified Probe for PrimexTEMP Sensor)
SNSGRP Glycol Bottle (probe sold separately)
SNSGLY-1 1 Gallon Food Grade Glycol