Primex OneVue for Healthcare

For institutions that store valuable drugs, fluids, tissues, have an extensive HVAC system, or maintain surgical or isolation suites, OneVue Sense has tools that give you the power of knowing.

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OneVue Sense: Savings and Efficiencies in Healthcare

Preserve valuable drugs, fluids, and tissues

Monitor and log cold storage and cryo-storage

Certify safety of surgical and isolation suites with automated air pressure sensors

Automate all alerts, reports, and compliance with OneVue Monitor software

Monitor low-traffic HVAC installations for water leaks

Compliance and Monitoring Made Simple

OneVue Sense helps you protect sensitive materials, and prevent the loss of clinical resources—not to mention fines and negative reviews.

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Expect More From Your Healthcare Facility

OneVue Sense monitors temperature, indoor air quality, water leaks, contact closure, and differential air pressure. Comfort. Safety. Knowledge. Timeliness. All working together to make your business more efficient and productive.

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