OneVue Notify InfoBoards - Display visual, critical alerts in seconds during emergency situations, while also providing general messaging and time sync solutions. – photo of InfoBoards showing Evacuate message and time – Primex

OneVue Notify

Visual communication and critical alerts with an InfoBoard™; Bell Controller automates schedules

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Simplicity and Safety

Whether fire, active shooter, or critical weather emergency, seconds can make a difference.

The Notify InfoBoard™ can reach more people, quickly in critical situations to help save lives.

When used with Monitor, our cloud-based software, enable administration from any web browser, and provides immediate post-incident reports to assist with understanding responses to emergencies and critical events.

Customize general messaging for day to day communication throughout your institution.

The bell controller manages bell schedule to ensure staff and students are on time.

Proven technology, the 72Mhz transmitter enables instant notification of critical events.

OneVue Notify is a critical alert, general messaging, and time sync solution.

Notify for:

Students, visitors, and staff.

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Notify for:

Clinicians, caregivers, and patients.

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When Seconds Count

Average response time by emergency services is approximately ten minutes: OneVue Notify lets you send a critical alert in seconds, which may increase their survivability.

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