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Synchronized Clock Systems: OneVue Sync

Equipped with innovative wireless and wired solutions, OneVue Sync provides synchronized clocks, unifying timekeeping across entire campuses and facilities through one point of network access.

Over the last 15 years, Primex synchronized time systems have been installed in over 12,000 schools, universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Whether you’re in education, healthcare, manufacturing, business or government, OneVue Sync and Monitor solutions can help make time synchronization less time consuming.

Primex Analog Clocks for Schools


OneVue synchronized clocks for schools help keep staff and students moving throughout the school day:

  • On-time arrivals and departure
  • Precise class change and passing periods
  • Scheduled extracurricular activities and meetings
  • Monitor standardized testing times
Primex Digital Synchronizd Clocks for Healthcare


OneVue synchronized clocks for hospitals help medical professionals keep accurate time documentation and record-keeping:

  • Recording sentinel events like patient harm, injury or death
  • On-time delivery of medication, testing and surgical procedures
  • Accurate documentation of coded events
  • Consistent shift changes for hospital personnel
  • Time-based billing and insurance disputes
Primex Analog Synchronized Clocks for Offices

Offices and Manufacturing

OneVue Sync allows one location or multiple buildings to stay on schedule:

  • On-time meetings throughout the building
  • Consistent lunch and break schedules across locations
  • Automatic adjustments for Daylight Saving Time
  • Routine reset after a power outage

The OneVue Sync platform uses three different time synchronization technologies to support a wide range of applications and installations:

Icon for OneVue Sync Transmitter

OneVue Sync Transmitter

A high-penetration 72 MHz frequency talks to devices throughout a building or campus with the option to leverage GPS or NTP acquired time
Learn More about 72 MHz

Icon for OneVue Sync Bluetooth

OneVue Sync Bluetooth®

Clocks form a Bluetooth® Low Energy mesh network to transmit status and receive NTP time and other updates from OneVue utilizing a bridge

Icon for OneVue Sync PoE

OneVue Sync PoE

Clocks connect to a facility's network via Ethernet to transmit data to and download settings from OneVue and to obtain time from an NTP server

Primex Analog Synchronized Clocks

Analog Synchronized

Learn More
Primex Digital Synchronized Clocks

Digital Synchronized

Learn More
Primex Elapsed Time / Code Blue Countdown Timers

Elapsed Time / Code Blue
Countdown Timers

Learn More
Primex Digital InfoBoards


Learn More

With OneVue Sync time synchronization products, you’ll receive:

Icon for Unrivaled Signal Strength

Unrivaled Signal Strength

Signals from OneVue Sync easily pass through common building materials used in education and commercial construction Learn More

Icon for Customization


Custom dials available for analog clocks to prominently display organization logos

Icon for Automatic Time Changes

Automatic Time Changes

Automatically resynchronize after Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages

Icon for Power Options

Power Options

Synchronized clocks can be powered by batteries, AC power or through an Ethernet (PoE) connection

Icon for Interfacing with Other Systems

Interfacing with Other Systems

Communicate with a variety of leading public address and life safety systems

Icon for Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

OneVue Sync transmitters and clocks come with a 5-year standard warranty

For even more synchronized time features, use OneVue Notify™ InfoBoard™ with the OneVue Monitor system

InfoBoard solutions operate as synchronized digital clocks with date-time display or elapsed timer functions. They also provide critical alerts within seconds, making them a must have for emergency situations. With OneVue Monitor, the InfoBoard transforms into a digital message board with customizable text for general visual communications.

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