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OneVue Compatible Available for OneVue

Protect your facility with networked water leak detectors. Don’t let H2O ruin your day!

OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors communicate with attached probes, which are lined along floors or surfaces to detect the presence of liquid and water. Up to four probes can be daisy-chained to a single sensor, to cover uneven surfaces or complicated spaces.

Network options include WiFi and powered Ethernet (PoE).

When connected to OneVue Monitor software, these water leak sensors can send alarms through text, email, or phone, as well as sounding a local alert for anyone in or near the room.

Questions? Call 262-729-4858 to speak with a Primex representative.

“We didn’t know about the leak until water was pouring through the ceiling.”

Facilities managers for larger institutions know already: air handlers can be in remote and difficult-to-monitor places. A plugged drain pipe or cracked hose can mean tens or hundreds of gallons of water accumulating before staff become aware.

Sense Water Leak Sensors provide real-world insurance for your facility.


Dimensions 4.7” H x 3.7” W x 1.3” D (11.93cm x 9.39cm x 3.30cm)
Weight 0.3lbs (136 gram) with 2AA batteries
Operating Temperature 32F to 122F (0C to 50C)
Data Packet Size < 5kB
Backup Battery Power 2 AA 1.5V batteries
FDA Registered 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Part Numbers


E121Q Water Leak Sensor (battery)
E121Q-E Water Leak Sensor (PoE)
Q13827 AC Adapter Extension 6’ (1.8M)
SNS900 Battery Pack Replacement