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Choosing Primex During Construction: What Differentiates Us From Others

Choosing Primex During Construction: What Differentiates Us From Others

From renovations to new construction, every build site deserves easily accessible, high-tech solutions that will help planners, builders, and future occupants alike. Primex, specified more than any other manufacturer and holding a history of nearly a 40% spec rate, is the easy choice for those high-tech solutions.

Plan For Success

Choosing the right technology for a construction project can be a difficult task — aside from the selections being an important aid in the build process, product selection can reflect on builders’ reputations. Therefore, using reliable technology from a trusted company with great service records is a proven solution.

Primex offers a variety of reliable technology solutions that can help optimize construction and function in a variety of settings. For example, Primex OneVue Sense™ can alleviate healthcare staff burden by automating monitoring systems and removing tasks from daily to-do lists. Additionally, OneVue Sense helps protect valuable assets like perishable foods and vital medications in both hospitals and schools.

OneVue Sense can also bolster safety within any facility by helping monitor environmental conditions; remote monitoring devices add an extra layer of protection in critical event prevention strategies, both by tracking temperature and humidity as well as implementing water leak sensors in high-risk areas like by heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. From indoor air quality monitors to water leak sensors, Primex products aid administrative staff in maintaining a healthy environment for healthcare and educational personnel alike to learn and work.

OneVue Notify® InfoBoard™ displays, when installed throughout a building, can help promote effective communication, both in cases where emergency situations need timely responses as well as day-to-day maintenance like schedule adherence. In addition, OneVue Sync™ improves upon timeliness in any context, from standardized testing and class changes in schools to coding events and medication administration in hospitals. When being on time is vital, OneVue Sync has you covered.

Distinguishing Factors

Though the above solutions may already be intriguing enough to inspire further exploration of the OneVue portfolio, there are three differentiating factors that emphasize the value of using Primex products to build and maintain trust between you and your clients:

  1. Engineered Solution

    Within the OneVue Sync portfolio, one synchronized time option uses a Primex-patented 72 MHz signal to send time throughout one or more buildings on a campus. Before every OneVue Sync 72 MHz installation, Primex provides a complimentary site evaluation, which consists of a few steps:

    • First, Primex engineers receive a copy of a facility’s floorplans or blueprints
    • Then, they review the plans and determine which type of, and how many, Primex OneVue Sync 72 MHz transmitters or bridges will be needed to provide proper coverage
    • The engineer will also determine the wattage necessary for the main transmitter

    Through these site evaluations, we guarantee signal coverage. If a part of a building or campus fails to receive signal after installation, Primex will supply a transmitter repeater at no charge.

    This site evaluation is a purely complimentary service. Primex isn’t just a “clock in a box” technology; after our engineer is finished assessing, we provide an official Guarantee of Coverage letter.

  2. 72 MHz Technology

    The 72 MHz frequency is lower than typical timekeeping systems, which allows for a significantly lower chance of interference. The longer wavelength can also better penetrate denser building material than higher frequencies, which helps to ensure synchronized time between rooms and buildings.

    The OneVue Sync 72 MHz products require less power than other, similar systems, but also produce signal coverage across a variety of types of construction materials and in almost every environment. In this way, they also shave a helpful amount off of a facility’s electric bill.

  3. Multitude of Benefits from the OneVue Sense Solution

    All sensors within the OneVue Sense Portfolio provide automated monitoring abilities; users can achieve peace of mind knowing their valuable assets and working environment possess an extra layer of protection. This automation also eliminates the need for manual logging, as is often necessary in temperature-controlled storage units, which gives users more time to participate in their primary duties like patient care or learning and teaching.

    The 24/7, real-time alerts for custom, out-of-range measurements feature gives users warning that important areas are in undesired conditions and need to be addressed — this can save valuable items like food and medications from spoiling or going to waste.

The Answer Lies With Primex

For any new construction or renovations at hospitals, businesses, and schools alike, Primex is the number one choice for building-optimization technology. Primex can provide the monitoring, communication, and timekeeping products to help keep people on track, through the construction process and onwards. Maintain healthy environments, bolster safety and communication, and strengthen timeliness by ensuring synchronized time.

In addition, over 40 Primex solutions are listed with MasterSpec, which makes architects’ and engineers’ jobs easier; no need to flesh out detailed specifications for documents like blueprints or other such building plans. Instead, simply fill in the product name and charge on! To find the specifications necessary, check us out here.

With Primex, you can ensure your projects run smoothly while also maintaining a reliable reputation among past and future clients.

To find out more about how Primex solutions can help you, contact us today!

May 13, 2022
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