Contemporary Inpatient Room Clocks: Supplemental Tool for Patient Empowerment

Contemporary Inpatient Room Clocks: Supplemental Tool for Patient Empowerment
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Patient empowerment isn’t a new concept, but it’s arguably more important and at the forefront of minds now more than ever. Patients have more options for care than they’ve ever had, given the increase in hospital and health system competition. Advertisements and marketing campaigns are all around us — billboards, social media, TV commercials — many with well-meant reminders to “take your care into your own hands.”

When someone makes a conscious decision to visit a particular hospital or health system for care, they expect to be informed regarding tests, diagnoses, and care options. Ensuring this information relay occurs can be the difference between seeing a patient or having them go elsewhere. Experts have developed many tools — like forming a team, enacting the patient teach-back method, utilizing technology, and addressing language differences — to keep patients informed with a high level of “health literacy.”

Another tool, which may often get overlooked, is the power of time. Specifically, ensuring patients have easily viewable access to the current time, date, and day of the week can offer more benefits than one may think, and Primex OneVue Sync™ can help.

Time Knowledge Brings Normalcy

To most people, spending time as an inpatient isn’t normal. It pauses jobs, uproots routines, and can wreak havoc on childcare plans. Any bit of normalcy can help, especially in a hypercritical environment where every check-in, dose, and change in status is documented.

Something as seemingly minor as providing them with the time, date, and day of the week can make a big difference. It can bring some normalcy to the inpatient room and, with it, a sense of familiarity and potentially — empowerment.

Positive Patient Outcomes

While time knowledge can’t solely impact patient outcomes, when combined with other pro-engagement tools, it can contribute to higher patient satisfaction and treatment adherence once discharged — leading to better patient outcomes. Studies like this 2013 Health Affairs abstract state that interventions to raise patient activation lead to improved outcomes.

This 2019 Applied Clinical Informatics study concludes that technology like electronic medical record portals, when utilized by patients, often enhances their sense of control. And this 2018 Western Journal of Nursing Research study explores further nurse-led tools that specifically aim to enhance empowerment among inpatients. These tools include establishing a therapeutic relationship, fostering communication, providing education, respecting patient autonomy, engaging support systems, and lifting spirits.

Primex Clocks as a Supplemental Tool

As a supplemental tool to increase patient empowerment, Primex OneVue Sync Personal Series clocks provide easy-to-see time, date, and day of the week in each patient room. Whether mounted on the wall or standing upright at patients’ bedsides, its contemporary finish adds a level of style to each room while boldly displaying the time, date, and day of the week. An automatic backlight illuminates during times of low lighting, but for added convenience and comfort, it can be turned off to avoid sleep disruption.

As an added bonus for hospital staff, Personal Series clocks automatically update for daylight saving time and provide a low-battery indicator on the display screen. Additionally, thanks to the OneVue Sync 72 MHz transmitter, all Personal Series clocks — and any other additional Primex analog or digital clocks – will be perfectly synchronized, eliminating time discrepancies and keeping everyone on the same schedule.

If your hospital or health system is looking for an extra tool to help bolster patient empowerment, engagement, activation, and satisfaction, consider Primex OneVue Sync Personal Series clocks. At a step above an everyday alarm clock with too-bright, eye-piercing LED digits, Primex clocks can add a level of comfort never known needed. Contact us today for more information.

March 20, 2024
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