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How to Prepare Your Facility for the Future of Time Displays

How to Prepare Your Facility for the Future of Time Displays
Posted in: Healthcare

The future of facility management is becoming more dependent on integrated systems. This is evident in campuses’ connectivity with the Internet of Things and all of the information, data, and resources available through both formal and informal sources. Quick, reliable, and official time displays and information management are key to ensuring occupant safety and well-being.

Time synchronization plays an important role in meeting facility compliance requirements, tracking patient care, reviewing incidents and is crucial to safety when seconds can define the outcome of critical situations. Synchronized and centralized time-tracking systems can help move occupants efficiently, distribute information promptly, and review a sequence of events accurately. That capacity will become increasingly important as new challenges shape facility management.

Plan for Time and Data Display Preparedness

There are many factors to consider when preparing your facility for the increasing demand for information management. A central component to an efficient campus or facility is the functionality of its time displays and how adaptable that system is to changing needs. A few questions can help you and your staff start to create a baseline for current capacity and identify where your system might need an upgrade:

  • How reactive is your time and information system in emergency situations?
  • How reliable is the time tracking you currently use?
  • Can you identify potential downtime?
  • How often do time tracking issues arise?
  • Are there any capital improvements scheduled?
  • What level of satisfaction do occupants have with current information sources?
  • How much staff time is allocated to time and information system maintenance?
  • Are there any future capacity needs your system will need to meet?

Once your facility management team has performed a general assessment of your time and data system, you can take that information and audit the devices and technology currently in use. Create or update the system overview to document the types of devices installed. Be sure to include the specific details on each device — such as wireless, hardwired, analog, digital, etc. — and the location within your facility.

This process will reveal your current system’s efficiency and effectiveness and identify if that system matches future time display and information board demands.

Time for a New Display System?

If your current time display system proves insufficient for current or future facility requirements, several options can be considered to transition to a more modern one. Systems like Primex OneVue Sync™ can provide a variety of solutions to meet your facility and occupants’ requirements. OneVue Sync options include synchronized clocks in analog and digital formats.

The Primex OneVue Notify™ InfoBoard™ provides a digital clock’s capabilities with the added benefit of visual notifications, ideal for emergencies or facilities with high noise levels. The displays are easily installed and provide fast, effective notifications that can be seen institutionwide or different, customized messages per location. All of the devices are connected and can be controlled centrally to provide unified timekeeping and consistent messaging throughout a campus or facility.

All of the displays can meet various system requirements by offering three technologies that fit almost any application and installation setting. These include PoE (Power over Ethernet), radiofrequency through transmitter, and Bluetooth connections. All OneVue Sync options work with the OneVue Monitor™ system to manage settings, monitor device health, and maintain unified timekeeping.

OneVue Monitor for Future Timekeeping

A number of trends in facility management make modern time display and information boards a valuable asset for managers and occupants. As campuses and workplaces evolve, the amenities, occupants, and facility needs will require consistent, reliable systems that are versatile and user-friendly.

The growing expectations on facility and campus technology are to oversee and monitor all aspects of information resources, emergency notifications, environmental quality, occupancy information, and even transit data. For facility managers looking towards the future, Primex OneVue Sync, Notify, and Monitor solutions provide comprehensive time display and communication capabilities.



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February 24, 2021
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