How to Leverage Data to Keep Your School Running Smoothly

How to Leverage Data to Keep Your School Running Smoothly
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Campus facilities departments are generally overworked and loaded with EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) management responsibilities—everything from emergency evacuation plans to making sure the school bell rings precisely at 2:45. This is while ensuring that every department is in sync, maintaining great facilities with tight budgets, and planning the next generation of capital improvements.

As a campus facilities manager, there are many crucial functions to perform, not to mention the prioritization of last-minute work orders that arrive on yellow sticky notes. It’s a big job to keep the campus safe. While buildings technology takes much of the guesswork out of maintaining newer buildings, many of the older facilities require a lot of routine maintenance. If only there was a system to make quick work of the day-to-day issues that burn up so much of the week. Wouldn’t that allow more time for the most critical functions?

Primex OneVue is your holistic solution to managing the campus and keeping students and faculty safe. The system allows you to seamlessly connect your operating environment across all departments, keeping your facility running smoothly. OneVue data is current and in real-time, providing alerts via text, email or phone.

Primex’s OneVue system includes:

  • OneVue Notify: Provides visual communication and critical alerts to quickly reach everyone on your campus to keep them informed and safe.
  • OneVue Sense: Provides real-time data to monitor the campus environment using secure, state-of-the-art wireless sensors.
  • OneVue Sync: Provides a synchronized time solution, keeping students and staff on schedule no matter what area of the campus they’re in.
  • OneVue Monitor: Brings all of your OneVue data together, providing the information you need to track compliance and optimize your facility management via on-demand reports and customized alerts.

Here’s how it works.

OneVue Notify: The emergency notification system

Experts advise that your best chance of surviving an active shooter is preparation. In order to be prepared, though, you need situational awareness. This is just as true in the case of dangerous weather conditions. For those times when you need information dispersed across the campus immediately, OneVue Notify is the system you can rely on when every second counts.

OneVue Notify InfoBoards allow your message to break through the noise in bustling classrooms and hallways, as well as reach the hearing impaired. Visual notices display around the entire campus within seconds, helping to save lives. The sooner students and staff know what to do, the safer they will be. Notify InfoBoards can also be used to meet your campus’s general messaging needs, allowing you to communicate special events and change in schedules via custom messaging.

OneVue Sense: The Environmental Monitoring Solution

According to researchers at the Harvard Kennedy School, uncomfortably hot temperatures can inhibit a student’s ability to learn — no surprise there. Warm and humid environments can also compound the spread of infectious disease, so keeping a close watch on temperature and humidity levels across campus can minimize the spread of airborne contaminants, keeping students and staff as safe as possible. OneVue Sense offers continuous environmental monitoring so you can be sure that all buildings are maintained at the appropriate air temperature, cafeterias comply with food storage regulations, and doors and windows are locked in isolated areas. This eliminates time-consuming foot patrols to remote areas of the campus.

OneVue Sense facilitates the monitoring of your building’s technology, including:

OneVue Sync: The Synchronized Timekeeping Solution

An accurate clock system helps keep your school productive and running according to schedule. A staggered lunch schedule is no problem when your clocks are in sync. Whether you prefer the sleek design of a digital display or favor the more traditional analog option, OneVue Sync has easily-installed timepieces to suit your aesthetics. You can even put the school logo on your clocks.

OneVue clocks help maintain precise schedules throughout the campus. Need to meet the requirements of the US Department of Education for standardized testing? OneVue has you covered with synchronized timers that provide countdown and count up accuracy.

You can mix and match or expand your clock system as needed. In cases of power outages or seasonal time adjustments, OneVue clocks synchronize automatically. Even more, when you pair your timepieces with OneVue Notify InfoBoards, you have a reliable way to send synchronized alerts across the largest of campuses in seconds.

OneVue Monitor

Finally, bring all of your data together with OneVue Monitor. OneVue Monitor provides, your staff a shared view of your school from any device, anywhere. They don’t even have to be on site. Monitor allows Facilities Management and Campus Safety to coordinate, using real-time data, saving precious time in the event of an emergency. OneVue Monitor gives you the 24/7 control you require.

The net result is that you will:

  • Minimize time spent doing manual reporting and monitoring, and exercise greater control over operating expenses.
  • Easily provide the reports needed to meet current or future compliance regulations.
  • Detect minor problems before they become expensive issues.
  • Reduce the risk of labor-intensive manual tracking that is prone to human error and eats into valuable staff bandwidth.
  • Analyze historical trends and make data-based decisions that will increase efficiencies across the entire facility.

But, perhaps, even more importantly, you will give students and staff what they desire most — to be able to focus on learning in a safe environment. It’s what every campus strives to achieve. In an emergency, you can’t afford to lose precious time. Give your students the safety and security they deserve with OneVue.


May 27, 2020
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