OneVue April update: Reporting and List Views now more powerful

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A cloud-based solution gives us the ability to enhance your OneVue experience—and we have some new features to announce in our April release!

OneVue reporting enhancements

We know your job is easier when you have the right information at the right time. We are happy to share the following reporting enhancements, and we hope that you find they make a difference!

Report details updated

The power of headers and footers compels you! When you need to press “print,” reports now include your account name and page numbers. Remember, though, you can save a tree! OneVue archives all your reports and saves them for 7 years!

New Report Profile setting—specify a day’s 24-hour time period

All OneVue reports generate the data collected from midnight to midnight in order to capture the calendar date’s data. Depending on how frequently your devices check in, that meant there could be a lag in when data appeared in reports.

For example, nursing managers reviews their daily reports in the morning to confirm no temperature excursions had occurred overnight. But the data collected after midnight wouldn’t be available until the following day, due to their OneVue report only including data collected from midnight to midnight.

To solve this reporting requirement, we added a new report option. Now a report profile can be configured to set a custom day boundary, which sets the 24-hour time period for each day.

Below is a report configuration example that would provide the past 24 hours of readings for a nurse manager at 9:00 AM each morning.

In addition to the report’s configuration, another consideration is ensuring logged readings are sent to OneVue hourly, which is set by a sensor device’s check-in interval frequency. When set to a 1-hour check-in interval, all logged readings are sent to OneVue hourly, and will be included in your reports.

All List Views now have more customized settings

Several months ago, we released an update to the Dashboard List View. This update included several new settings that provided more customization to information displayed.

Our customers found these Dashboard List View updates very valuable, and asked to make these settings available for all List Views.

Now they can, and so can you! In our April release, we updated all List Views to include the additional settings below:

If you have a list view customization that’s working really well, please send me an email with the details. I’ll include your example in my next blog post.

New products are coming …

Some users have noticed hints of new products showing up in the OneVue software as we continue internal testing and start pilot studies. If you see something new and have questions, send me an email. I’m happy to chat about it.

April 1, 2019
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