OneVue Monitor: Asset Summary Report Deep Dive

OneVue Monitor: Asset Summary Report Deep Dive
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Of the types of feedback OneVue provides, the most commonly used is the Asset Summary Report. If you’re a current OneVue user, I’ll bet you have one on your account, and hopefully you have someone reviewing it regularly. In the vast majority of audit scenarios, the Asset Summary Report will be your first level of evidence.

In order to meet most audit requirements, this report provides a structured format to prove you have easily accessible data for a given asset.

Audit Scenario

So let’s say an auditor visits me, and wants to see records on my vaccines. They have been stored in Refrigerator 2-F for the month of June 2019. I’m a responsible person, so I have my asset summary report running automatically on the first of each month for the previous calendar month.

I would log in to OneVue, go to Reports > Active, find the report that contains Refrigerator 2-F, and click on “View Reports” in the History column.

It’s only going to show the most recent report, but I don’t panic! I adjust my start date at the top to cover the range of interest, and more rows appear.

I remember that I’ve set the report to generate on the first of July to cover the previous month of June (which the auditor asked for), so I open that PDF, since it shows I’ve not altered the data in any way.

Now I can behold the Asset Summary Report in all its glory! There’s some general information in the upper portion about how my sensor is set up. (What kind of sensor? Temperature! What state is it in? Alarm! What is the normal range? 36.0 F–46.0 F!).

Then I get into the twice-daily readings which OneVue Monitor records as a default. They’re grouped around midnight and noon. Monitor also reports an average, minimum and maximum for each day (as well as a summary line for the reporting period). Monitor records the number of readings taken for that day.

The State History Section describes what has changed within the system—if I had alarms or warnings. On the 2019-06-05 alarm, a user recorded that they found the door open, but that comment was made on 06-10. I also don’t have a comment for the alarm on 06-27.

Lastly, any comments the team made on acknowledging the alerts will be placed in Asset Acknowledgements—typically those notes are “OK” or “going to check” types of responses, since users are unlikely to know the root cause.

Do you have questions about the report? Please let me know: Are you forgetting to add comments about the alarms after they’re resolved? Watch for our late-September release—we have something coming that should help!

September 13, 2019
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