Supplementing Primex Automated Monitoring with Primex Clocks for Maximum Pharmacy Efficiency

Supplementing Primex Automated Monitoring with Primex Clocks for Maximum Pharmacy Efficiency
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By now, it’s possible you’ve heard of Primex OneVue Sense®, a benefit-rich solution that offers automated monitoring to safeguard your pharmacy’s valuable medications, vaccines, and workspaces. But did you know Primex offers another beneficial solution that can further optimize your pharmacy’s efficiency?

It’s called Primex OneVue Sync™, and it can change how your pharmacy operates — for the better.

Importance of Timing in a Pharmacy Setting

Time management is an essential skill for pharmacy staff. Between preparing prescriptions, dispensing medications, and consulting with patients, staff have a multitude of everyday tasks they need to complete, with many other jobs sprinkled in throughout the day. Making time for these accountabilities is vital to operating a well-functioning, customer-service-oriented, and profitable pharmacy.

Specific responsibilities, like a targeted medication intervention, can impact a pharmacy’s bottom line. A 2013 study found that medication interventions must be completed in under 21.85 minutes for an even ROI. Another area where a strong ROI could benefit a pharmacy is in its product sales. To calculate product ROI, you’d divide your gross profit (total sales minus cost of goods sold) by your average inventory cost. Determining the numbers in such an equation requires effort and valuable time, the latter of which Primex can assist.

Benefits of Primex Clocks in Your Pharmacy

Primex OneVue Sync™ provides facilitywide synchronized clocks that help to keep everyone working alongside the same time. These clocks, whether analog or digital, help by eliminating time discrepancies between individuals, meetings, and scheduled responsibilities. When everyone follows the same time schedule, it’s more likely that staff can complete more tasks in a given time frame or complete their necessary tasks by the time needed. Synchronized clocks can also help pharmacy staff realize how long certain tasks are taking, which can help them realize where other areas of their attention are required.

By following a schedule with synchronous clocks, staff can leverage easy-to-read Primex clocks and better allot their shift time to maximize their patient-facing education responsibilities. Staff can further optimize their time management skills when their pharmacy is also equipped with a Primex OneVue Sense automated monitoring solution.

Fully Optimizing Your Pharmacy with Primex Solutions

Combined, Primex OneVue Sense and OneVue Sync can work together to optimize your facility, whether it’s a retail, stand-alone, or in-hospital pharmacy. OneVue Sense temperature monitoring provides peace of mind thanks to storage unit temperature sensors that can detect out-of-range conditions. You’ll rest assured by having early warning via a text message, phone call, or email alert that the temperature within your storage unit —which could be holding valuable medications, essential vaccines, and irreplaceable samples — has risen above or fallen below your specified temperature range.

In addition to temperature sensors, Primex offers differential pressure sensors to help follow the rules and regulations for compounding pharmacy safety. And to help protect workplace safety, Primex indoor air quality monitors provide continuous air temperature and humidity measurements.

Users can access their temperature, pressure, and IAQ data within the web-based OneVue® software platform, which can generate on-demand reports — especially helpful during audit situations. The OneVue software platform also boasts clock management capability, so facility staff can manage each and every one of their clocks the same place they receive their temperature data. Gone are the days of changing every clock by hand — extra helpful during daylight saving time shifts!

Primex has the solutions that can bring your pharmacy numerous benefits. OneVue Sense temperature monitoring can take data logging off your pharmacy staff members’ plates. Plus, other Primex OneVue Sense technology can add another level of safety to your pharmacy’s medication compounding and workplace environment. When Primex OneVue Sync clocks are all ticking synchronously, your staff can operate on the same time, maximizing efficiency and streamlining workflows. If you think your pharmacy is ready to experience these benefits, contact us today.

February 19, 2024
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