Value of Subscription: Improving Efficiencies and Facility Compliance with Primex OneVue Sense™

Value of Subscription: Improving Efficiencies and Facility Compliance with Primex OneVue Sense™

The consistency of service through subscription is a convenience that many people have come to rely on in their homes on a daily basis — now, this concept can be easily adapted to benefit an entire facility.

Benefits of Subscription Services

Over the last decade, tiered subscription plans have become an increasingly common way to receive a service. Companies like Netflix and Spotify offer premium subscriptions for streaming movies and TV ad-free, and Hello Fresh can even take care of meal prepping for you by delivering ingredients straight to your door. On an everyday level, your interaction with subscription services might be defined by these household brands — but have you considered how a subscription might be useful to your workplace?

Smaller subscriptions provide many benefits to users in that they relieve subscribers of performing regular tasks, like paying for cable or grocery shopping. Facilitywide subscriptions are increasingly common due to their high value and function in a similar way for healthcare, educational, and business facilities but on a much larger scale, helping facility leaders do things like:

  • Manage budget: Once-a-year payments are more straightforward and can give a facility’s financial planners a more concrete, consistent number regarding how much they will have to allocate each year towards the subscription and allowing them to focus on other, varying costs.
  • Eliminate the hassle of price renegotiation: Subscriptions often provide a detailed description of plan benefits and prices, providing customers with a reliable understanding of which to base their choices and payments. Clear understanding about what is included in each plan or service can help ensure there are no “as-needed” extra payments or goods.
  • Get many benefits for one price: Stratified plans can make sure customers get all the benefits they’re looking for bundled into one set price, making users’ lives much easier.

Subscribing to the Primex OneVue Sense Preferred Plan

Primex offers all of those benefits under the OneVue Sense Preferred Service plan! The OneVue Sense Preferred plan includes services like:

  • Automated Unit Monitoring and Data Logging: Relieve staff burden and return primary focus to things like patient care, facility upkeep tasks, improving building safety for occupants, and so on; maintain compliance with regulatory standards; and be assured that your devices and parts will be updated when necessary as part of the plan.
  • Preferred Plan Onboarding: With this service, Primex staff will ensure seamless installation, initiation, and maintenance of your solutions from the very beginning onward. Gain access to exclusive upgrades, biannual coaching sessions with Primex experts, staff training, and more.
  • Hardware Assurance Program: Don’t fret the small stuff; with the OneVue Sense Preferred plan, you’ll be afforded coverage in case of hardware issues and scheduled probe replacements.

We’ve got your facility covered; with the OneVue system, your staff no longer have to worry about manually tracking and logging common environmental factors — instead, everyone can focus on patients, students and staff, or customer satisfaction. Our services help bolster compliance with regulation codes and eliminate errors during surprise audits, instead providing you with consistent, secure, automatic data logging and storage.

By subscribing to the OneVue Sense Preferred plan, you not only save money but also staff time and effort. With everything you need in one place, you can be sure your solutions fit your facility and have everything necessary for function and maintenance built into one price.

If the Preferred plan isn’t for you, we have other options to explore on our website or by speaking with a representative. Contact us today to learn more about the OneVue Sense Service and Support plans, which include both the Preferred and OneVue Sense Advanced plan, and we can help you determine which is the right fit for your facility.

November 30, 2021
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