Benefits of Software as a Service to Enhance Facility Management

Benefits of Software as a Service to Enhance Facility Management

Many of us — if not the majority of us — rely on technology every single day. Technology can be essential to getting work tasks completed, and that technology often makes our lives easier. The technology of Software as a Service (SaaS) is no different. Working together with Primex environmental sensors, InfoBoard™ displays, and synchronized clocks, Primex offers a SaaS solution to help maintain facility integrity, improve efficiencies, standardize operations, and increase safety — all obtainable through one point of internet access.

Software as a Service: What It Is and Why It Is Beneficial

Since the term’s creation in 2005 at a Software Development Forum conference, SaaS has advanced hand-in-hand with internet cloud computing and is now an increasingly standard method of accessing various services in healthcare, education, business, and other industries. In short, SaaS is software that is accessed solely over the internet, without the need to use complicated and time-consuming hardware to download and set up.

The web-based aspect of SaaS provides the benefit of expanded accessibility. Anybody with login information can access that service — say for email, messaging, data monitoring, or timekeeping — on any internet-connected device. This accessibility comes in handy in any industry where safety, communication, and timeliness are vital, which are many.

“We designed the Primex OneVue® SaaS platform with our customers in mind,” said Katie McMillan, Ph.D. and director of healthcare solutions at Primex. “The value that the OneVue platform brings in the automated tasks like monitoring, documenting, and reporting really frees up staff resources and ultimately helps eliminate manual errors.”

Multiple Primex Technologies; A Single Primex OneVue Web-Based Software Platform

To strengthen any facility or organization’s safety, communication, and timeliness, Primex offers the OneVue web-based interface as a SaaS solution. This all-encompassing platform:

  • Monitors and protects a facility with Primex OneVue Sense™ environmental sensors
  • Allows users to post messages on OneVue Notify® InfoBoard displays
  • Provides a platform to manage institutionwide synchronized time with OneVue Sync™ digital and analog clocks

OneVue — with available single sign-on integration — receives data and information from one, two, or all of the above Primex technologies.

  • When OneVue Sense sensors are in use, real-time environmental data is viewable within the OneVue dashboard to give users insight into their environments. OneVue also provides real-time alerts via text, phone call, or email if conditions exit a customized range, giving users time to address any issue and document the solution with an alert resolution note on the platform. OneVue can be a vital tool to keep temperature-sensitive vaccines, medication, or food safe and an equally important way to help maintain a comfortable environment for patients, students, customers, or employees.

In addition, the OneVue platform records and stores historical data that is accessed easily anytime, anywhere. If necessary, users can create customized data reports within OneVue to utilize in an audit scenario or if an incident report is needed.

  • When OneVue Notify InfoBoard displays are in use within a facility, the OneVue web-based interface allows users to send preset emergency notifications and customized messages throughout their entire institution. Preset messages can warn tenants of a lockdown or weather event, and customized messages can be composed to display wayfinding directions or relay guidelines on how to follow safety protocols. InfoBoard displays also act as a means of communication to those who cannot read (through color-coded messages) or are hard of hearing.

OneVue Notify also allows users to monitor their institution’s unified time and manage a PA system or bell schedule, if necessary.

  • Speaking of unified time, in facilities using OneVue Sync analog or digital synchronized clocks, the OneVue platform lets users monitor all of their clocks at once for clocks receiving a low or no signal. This eliminates the burden of checking each individual clock for signal strength.

Primex OneVue Sense ChillCheck™ SaaS Solution for Healthcare

Available in the fall of 2021 as a separate Primex SaaS solution and created specially for MRI chiller and MRI equipment room monitoring, Primex OneVue Sense ChillCheck sensors communicate to a web-based dashboard where one can view the temperature and flow of an MRI chiller and temperature of an MRI equipment room at all times. This SaaS offering can help a healthcare facility prevent MRI downtime and its consequences, mainly being lost revenue from missed scans and negative patient experience.

The Primex OneVue web-based software can be the perfect SaaS platform for your facility or business. If knowledge is power, the OneVue web-based platform can provide enough facility-specific insight to empower any user to help maintain facility integrity, improve efficiencies, standardize operations, and increase safety.

August 10, 2021
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