How Synchronized Clocks Can Improve Time Management of School Events

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Schools are more than just a place for learning. Sure, learning may be the most important thing that occurs in schools, but schools often put on many events throughout the year that hold significant importance. And no matter the level of your school — from elementary to collegiate — managing events in a timely manner is essential.

Schoolwide synchronized clocks from Primex OneVue Sync™ can be a helpful tool when conducting school events. Whether analog or digital, and whether you’re holding small- or large-scale events, all clocks within your school or on your campus will exhibit the same, synchronous time. Below, find a list of common school events and how Primex OneVue Sync can help improve their time management.

School Events and How Primex Can Help Their Time Management

  1. Orientation/Back-to-School Night — A must-do before any school year, orientation night allows students and perhaps families to meet their teachers, find their classrooms, and explore their schools. Synchronized clocks, with their ability to eliminate clock-to-clock time discrepancies, can keep everybody on track and help start and end the event on time.
  2. School Assemblies — Whether it’s an academic presentation or homecoming pep rally, it takes time and effort for staff to get all students into one place. Primex synchronized clocks can help ensure that time and effort don’t go to waste, dismissing students to and from the assembly all the same time. Or, if you want to release certain groups of students and not others, integrate a Primex Bell Controller into your existing PA system for easy custom bell schedules.
  3. Parent-Teacher Meetings — Parents are busy enough! Utilize Primex Synchronized Clocks to help your school staff keep track of their day, preparing lesson plans and reviewing talking points before parent-teach conferences. Then, when parents arrive after school, meetings can run efficiently and stay on schedule, helping to eliminate wasted time.
  4. Sporting Events — Ensure your freshman, junior varsity, and varsity events start on time! The widespread reach of Primex 72 MHz Wireless Synchronized Clock technology guarantees that all clocks — even in auxiliary gymnasiums — will remain on time and synchronized. After all, Primex OneVue Sync 72 MHz technology is an engineered solution. We’ll engineer your clocks while you engineer a victory. Go team!
  5. School Plays — Keep your drama club within proper running time! An easy-to-see side-stage digital clock, or even an elapsed timer, can provide timing cues to performers, helping to keep plays moving along and on schedule.

Of course, not all these events will apply to every school, and there are still many unlisted events that rely on proper time management for success. School dances, debates, spelling bees, graduation ceremonies, science fairs, or talent shows are just a few more events that can benefit from schoolwide synchronized time.

To get your school started with a Primex OneVue Sync solution, contact us today.

September 6, 2023
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