Introducing the OneVue Sync Transmitter

Introducing the OneVue Sync Transmitter
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Our 72 MHz transmitter system—originally conceived and released in 2002—remains the most reliable and worry-free method for delivering accurate synchronized time. Not only among our different solutions, but also measured against our competition.

Given this, when we embarked upon a re-design of this platform last year because of some end-of-life component issues, one thing was very clear:

Don’t Mess with Success

Our new OneVue Sync Transmitter is fully compatible with almost all of our older generation 72MHz clocks. We also have similar models, from our 1-Watt internal and external to our larger 5- and 30-Watt transmitters, to cover any size building or campus. And we continue to offer a repeater option to fill in gaps within buildings where signal may have trouble penetrating.

That’s where the similarity ends, however.

Building on a Good Thing

Drawing upon the success of our cloud software platform, the new transmitter is now fully integrated with OneVue, with all the alert capabilities that our OneVue Monitor software currently has. You’ll know immediately if your transmitter has been unplugged, or experiencing any other problems before daylight savings time rolls around again. And the best part of this is that your access to OneVue, (specifically to manage your transmitter) is free for the life of the unit.

You might say, “what’s the catch”? There is none, except that we require you add the transmitter to OneVue to receive support, which helps us to better serve you, and reduces the amount of time we spend on support calls. From OneVue you can set up rules that will send out alerts via email, text, or voice at scheduled intervals with reminders; or you can go a simpler route, and just receive an email should there be an issue.

One of the most significant differences however, is the addition of the ability to trigger critical notifications to our new InfoBoards from the new transmitter. These boards are due out in November. More on this later.

The Times, They Are A-Changing

As technology evolves, we have to change with it. Our old wireless tone generator with standalone Windows scheduling software for school bell and PA systems also had end-of-life components, and didn’t make the cut. Not to worry: our new OneVue Bell Controller is more than capable of providing an alternative, with far easier cloud-based scheduling.

Also gone is the older receiver switch, which was our solution for turning a transmitter into a repeater. The new OneVue Sync Transmitter has a receiver built into the unit, so it can be easily configured via our Bluetooth apps (iOS and Android) as a repeater. And instead of using the small 12" rubber duck antenna on the old receiver switch, it alternates between transmitting and receiving on the 3-foot whip antenna (standard on the 1-Watt Internal Transmitter), giving the repeater much greater range.

When replacing repeaters, you should check with your premier partner or sales representative first, as some older transmitter combinations using the 14000 series transmitter may require full replacement, especially if your goal is to eventually take advantage of the new critical notification capability.

Finally, the XR Personal Series Clock was also subject to end-of-life components, and will be replaced by the upcoming MiniBoard, also due out in November.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you’re concerned about support on these older products, not to worry. Our older transmitters and related products will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. And if you need a replacement, we will continue to support a direct option while supplies last on the older units, and eventually an equivalent option with the newer transmitters—especially with warrantied products.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! — Art

May 13, 2019
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